Yes, still no baby. Not even so much as a backache. Sorry, guys. The Husband is very dissapointed in me. However, I was not allowed to go into labour last night or today until after he gets home, because this weekend is and forever shall be known as The Weekend Our House Actually Starts to Look Sortof House-ish. (I should write titles for a living, I’m that good.) I know a whole bunch of lingo about building basements and houses, and can share with you that in the past few days The Husband and The Husband’s Boss laid out the stakes, got the hole dug (which i went and saw. It’s definitely a hole, I can vouch for that. It’s also about twice as big as the house we’re living in now.), and now today they’re drilling piles, setting up the basement, and pouring. I have a vague idea of what that all means, and I’m guessing there will be a concrete basement sitting there by the end of the day. But that it won’t look like one until Monday or Tuesday, when The Husband and The Husband’s Boss strip the basement, which I happen to know for a fact means to take the forms down/out and tadaaa, basement. Like a more complicated version of flipping a cake out of a pan when it’s done.
So, on to the topic of my title, Lululemon. I know a little bit more about lululemon than I do basements, but admittedly not too much. I know more about the actual clothes than all the wierdo yoga stuff that’s behind it, enough to know that it sounds to be very comfortable workout gear, especially since the fabric is wicking, which means I wind up less covered in sweat than I otherwise might. Not being a huge fan of sweat, this is good. There are many other good points I could point out, but if you’re curious you can just google.
So I’ve never actually set foot in a lululemon store. Admittedly, I don’t even know whether it’s pronounced Lulu-LEMON or Lulu-leMON. (feel free to fill me in.) I do know it’s priced pretty high, so like all my recent namebrand fascinations, I decided to buy some secondhand, on Ebay.
Do me a favour, will you? Pull up Ebay in another window and type lululemon in the search.
YEAH. I KNOW. nwt? (new with tags) Forget it, still out of my price range for something I’m buying without trying on. nwot (new without tags) and even used/slightly worn? Holy crap! I’ve been watching a bunch of stuff for a few days now, and I won’t bid more than $30 total because once my shipping gets added on it’s often pretty fierce. Most things I haven’t even come CLOSE to winning, and a few things I was beat by $1 in the last few minutes of the auction. Which annoys me because under normal circumstances I could totally be all over that and beat that person back out, I just forget about it. Maybe next time I really want something I should set an alarm in a cellphone or something, then run like a mad rabid elephant for the nearest computer to guard my potential item.
And the more people keep beating me out, the more badly I want to have at least one lululemon shirt or pant. Must be pretty good stuff for people to pay soooo much for it even used.

On the bright side, I went to some Mennonite secondhand store in Steinbach yesterday and scored a brand new pair of Old Navy trackpants for $4, and a brand new pair of black Mexx jeans for only $3. I know I fit the trackpants, and if I don’t fit the jeans I’ll hold onto them until I do. Goodness knows if I was a size12/M before I got pregnant, and I still fit all the maternity jeans and all the non-maternity skirts I have since I stopped being able to wear normal jeans, I will fit a size 34 after this thing is born. My mom told me my hips might be wider afterwards, and I told her hallelujah because I’ve always needed to wear a belt to keep everything up. The Husband is hippier than I am.

One thought on “Lululemon

  1. lululemon athletica (IPA: [lu lu lɛmɑn], the last two syllables are pronounced as lemon) there ya go from wikipedia.comI just had to look for you lol.Hope that baby comes out soon!


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