i love me a latte

Okay, so I saw this video on… umm, Craft or something? I’m not sure. Anywhoo, I’m not exactly a latte addict but I like them, plus latte IS better for you than just coffee like how I drink it. So when I was out and about yesterday, I popped into Stokes and picked up a frother and an espresso pot thingy (with whimsical cow print) for just under $20. Nice.

I have now decided I am a wee bit addicted. This is actually super easy – not entirely quick but not ridiculously slow either- quicker than driving down and paying ridiculous amounts of money for a latte, that’s for sure!

2 thoughts on “i love me a latte

  1. oh, you’re killing me here. I’m a latte afficionado, nothing like creamy, frothy milk machiattoed (yeah I know it’s not a word) by a nice good dollop of strong espresso. And here’s the clincher. I’ve jut recently developed a HORRIBLE allergy to MILK! My beloved beverage of choice makes me break out in whip like hives that make me go loonie from the itchiness! I’m desperately hoping I am allergic to only the preservatives in store bought milk and trying to find a way to buy farm milk but what with the stupid LAWS in this country in the dairy monopoly department that is proving difficult. Pray for me woman!!! LOL!


  2. that’s torturous! You could also try locating a good naturopath, maybe they could help you work through it! I also know a few people who have had thier alergies/intolerances lessened or even removed by a local acupuncturist/naturopath. Worth looking into!
    My mom had sixty bazillion intolerances/allergies on top of her Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Disorder… he couldn’t do anything about that one, but he got rid of a lot of her other ones so her body would have an easier time coping with the MCSD (my moms is MCSD so bad she needs to carry an epi pen)


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