Holiday Monday

Today I did all sorts of nothing. What is a holiday monday to a stay at home mom of a toddler, after all, but a day with an extra body around? Today was just a bit more of the normal, but for an extra day of snuggling in bed followed by a hearty round of Buttermilk Pancakes. Tomorrow I am back in the watch-what-i-eat-and-excercise-daily saddle, I swear.

Just a quick handy (handy… hahaha) tip for y’all today… If you’re doing housework of the ‘hot water’ variety, instead of using bare hands and drying your hands out, give yourself a bit of a treat instead. SLATHER on the HEAVIEST hand cream you can find and then slip your hands into some rubber gloves. Then proceed with the sticking of the hands into the hot water. When you’re done, instead of parched digits, you’ll have lucious soft hands instead. Delish.

I was reading backlogs of I think it was The Nester today (while folding laundry and ironing the cat and all sorts of productive things, i swear it) and she had a post where she mentioned something about shortcuts and doing things wrong but still doing them and stuff like that. I am so 100% and unabashedly “guilty”, and I totally believe that it’s best to cut corners sometimes because sparkly superhumanly fast people don’t exist and if they did I’d marry one so he could clean my house.

This is NOT a confession, because I have declared this from the mountaintops at other places many times over.
Actually that’s slightly exaggerated. I sort DD’s socks into little pairs, but how hard is it to put the purple kitty socks together, or the pink spotty ones? And then my own socks are all identical, I sort those.

But DH owns about 60 million socks, and I just STUFF THEM IN A DRAWER. He can match them as he pleases. He can just be grateful that I touch his socks in the first place, as far as I’m concerned. lol. He has his own big gigantic drawer full of socks that I just dump straight from the clean laundry basket into the drawer.
I also only handwash dishes something like once a month. If it can’t handle the dishwasher, it’s not tough enough to make it around here. Except my espresso carafe. That I handwash.

Yet I am this anal-retentive psycho when it comes to my laundry (minus the socks.) Go figure.
And the books on DH’s bookshelf must be all standing upright. No lying down on the job, gents.

What do you shortcut on? And what are you psychotic about? Come on, we all have something.

Just because I can’t post without adding a picture… this is what I look like when I’m blogging or reading everyone else’s blogs. hahaha. Oh, hey, I think I might have a bit of a tanline going on there. When was I near sunlight? It’s ridiculous out here. Actually, I think I saw a bit of sun today, but I was too busy hiding from the cold and the wind to scope it out.

4 thoughts on “Holiday Monday

  1. I don’t match socks either, however ours don’t even make it to the drawers. We just leave them in the laundry basket. Every so often, I “clean” it out and get rid of the mismatched and grungy.


  2. Thanks for dropping by my blog!

    I don’t sort socks either. Because I hate it. I have 4 boys + a hubbie and they have a gazillion socks that all look pretty much the same. Recently I have made my boys sort the socks and my life is much happier. At least on laundry day. 🙂


  3. I used to shortcut on a lot of things. then I married an Italian. The man believes that underwear must be folded and I love him enough to even fold his underwear. Mine on the other hand I just drop in the drawer.

    I don’t iron. Ever. My five year old son was doing one of those Usborne identify and find the picture books and there was an iron in there and he was like (seriously); “what *is* that?”. And then today again he had a worksheet picture where you were supposed to circle what comes first the washing machine or the dryer and he was like, “when do you use an iron?” and I was like, “you don’t.” LOL!!! And my mother in law? The Italian one? She irons underwear! She irons every single thing that gets washed. Seriously. I love my husband, but I don’t iron. I have this crazy great spray that you can spray on clothes and shake them out and voila’ wrinkles are gone. Yeah baby.


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