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Potty, Where Art Thou?

So, I decided that since Nicole is nearly 2 (just two weeks away already!) I would give potty training a go. I decided to forgo Pullups or whatever brand alternative in favour of going straight to training pants and panties. To me, pull ups just seems like a diaper that fits in a different way. Good idea for kids that are already well into potty training, and for leaving the house of course, but at home it seems like a waste. Especially considering how expensive they are!

Now, aside from searching the net for advice, and deciding that it seems like there are more people who aren’t quite sure what they’re doing then those who confidently have it down pat, I just winged it.


I know, right? That went well.

Potty was exciting to sit on. She peed in it a little bit. Then we went to the kitchen to phone daddy and tell him, and she peed all over the floor. Whoops. Apparently she does not want to actually let go of bladder control when she’s sitting on the potty.

Tried just giving her the ‘well you pee in the potty or all over yourself, up to you’ approach, all casual like. That backfired like NO TOMORROW. Now she does NOT want to wear panties AT ALL. Or sit on the potty. She was very stressed out every time she wet herself, and still did not want to ‘let go’ on the potty. She actually asked to have her diaper back.

I’ve decided to give her a few days to destress. Plus it’s the babysitting days, and while she IS willing to sit on the potty at the same time as Little Friend sits on her own, she still won’t pee. But I’ll leave her in diapers until Thursday, when it’s just her and I again. Then I think we’ll go back outside armed with panties and potty for the day. Hopefully it won’t put her back into DIAPER. PLEASE! mode again.

So if anyone has any advice….? By all means. Lay it on me. And don’t tell me it’s just too early, I’m pretty sure if a kid can start the car, she can figure out potty training. She just needs to relax about it a bit… (and I can’t give her any awards like stickers etc until she actually pees on that potty. Which she is trying her darndest not to do. Halp?)

5 thoughts on “Potty, Where Art Thou?

  1. It's SO not too early. Best advice: just be confident in what you're doing and know that most difficulties that emerge are due to a power struggle between the two of you. You're changing the rules and she might not like it. Stay the course and know it will soon be a memory.

    Best of luck!


  2. Use flylady's timer. Set every 15 minutes and let her practice. If nothing happens, no biggie. She probably won't wet herself if she is reminded frequently. My little girl was potty trained before the age of 2 this way and it saved us a fortune in diapers. The timer is really for you to remember to take her and within a few days it will all be done. Good luck.


  3. With DD (just turned two in May), I'm giving her a sticker for just sitting on the potty. She freaks if you take off her diaper, so I'm using the stickers to just get her used to the potty. Just an idea 🙂


  4. hmm, that's actually kind of fantastic. I'll have to give that a try. She goes nuts for the fact that Little Friend gets stickers, but I haven't figured out how to use that to my benefit with her having not even peed. Rewarding her for just sitting on the party for the start is a *great* idea!

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