A few peeks into Christmas Eve


IMG_3254 Nicole and the gift she picked out and wrapped for her grandma herself. (note the hair… I put some of the curly ribbons I wrapped all my gifts with in her hair so she’d match it! lol)IMG_3287 Nicole in her Snow White heels. This picture gives me the giggles.IMG_3296 Chris and I both got pink Snuggies from our gift exchange people. They did not coordinate, this was a coincidence. lol. And Chris was given that hat for Christmas, but he’d already bought the exact same hat for himself a few days earlier. Now he won’t let me get in the car unless I wear the matching hat with him. lol.IMG_3330 Nicole and I a-snugglin’ before we left to go home.027 My charming little monkey at suppertime.  (that’s my ‘little’ brother AJ on the left there.)070

Nicole this morning… wrapped herself up. My favourite gift!

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