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Exciting Things This Way Come

Okay so I have been totally off my game for a few months now. In fact, for about… a trimester, would you say? Sounds about right. I was showing my husband my sad little photo files from the last few months. April has a grand total of six photos, none of which are anything resembling exciting. SAD. I think I’ve done as many blog posts in the last few months. SAD. You know what’s not sad? Giveaways. OPPOSITE OF SAD. Remember a few months ago how I did a giveaway for CSN Stores? That chain of online stores that sell everything from toys to cookware to shoes to sofas? (Shipping on items from $69 and up is free, by the way, and I was doing some peeking  at a few of their many stores and I’m seeing items priced comparably or cheaper than at walmart and target but CSN SHIPS TO CANADA PEOPLE, NOT JUST THE STATES. I know. I’m getting all excited too.)

So, remember that? Yes? No? Irrelevant. I am doing a review with them!  AWESOME. And you’re wondering what that has to do with you, aren’t you. Because I did say giveaway, didn’t I. Well, the generosity of CSN Stores has gotten me all hot and bothered and I’m just so totally psyched that I’m going to have a giveaway for you guys. THAT’S RIGHT KIDS. Give. A. Way.

I get something awesome from them. You get something awesome from me. Everyone’s a winner. Okay, just me and one other person. But you’re all winners in my book. Participation ribbon, anyone? High-fives all around.*


But I didn’t say exciting thing. I said exciting things. What else is in the planner? (I don’t have a planner. I have a giant desktop calendar with magnets glued all over the back to hold it to my fridge. Go big or go home.)

Here’s a few things:

-homemade pizza pops. (recipe + step by step tutorial.)
-shirring. Lots of shirring. I’ve done some already, but there’s more to come.
-my basement will be finished in the next month or so, and there will be big reveal pictures of my finished upstairs and downstairs and in my lady’s chamber. And before November, both my babies chambers as well.

anthro bedding to be knocked off... and make ruffled pillowcases etc with it
-I am going to attempt to hack this Anthro bedding set, from the comforter down to the ruffled pillowcases and sheets. And if… no, WHEN I am successful, I will do a tutorial. The queen comforter is $238 CAD, and the sheets $89.95. I think I might be able to pull off the whole thing for around the cost of just the sheet set. And I’m going to make the bed itself out of pipe cleaners.

Just kidding about that last part.


And I just know you’re curious what I’m reviewing, soooo……TADAAA!


*No actual participation ribbons or high fives will be given out, but you’re all welcome to print out this sad little awesome participation ribbon picture.

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