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Mmmm, delicious! A little gift from the fabric fairy! And by ‘gift’ I mean ‘purchased with monies from’ and by ‘fabric fairy’ I mean my mailman. If you’d seen my mailman, you would now have a hilarious mental picture of a medium-chubbyish man with a stubbly face hair like that big guy from Lost but blonder and a looser curl, wearing his mailman uniform with a pink fluffy tutu and holding a sparkly pink wand. I think I should write a suggestion letter to Canada Post, that would be a pretty awesome uniform update.IMG_0564 Obviously my favourite is this print right here. Heart heart heart heart heart. Time seven. I’ll use up every precious bit, because when it’s been cut into so much I can’t use it anymore I will cut out all the squares that are still whole and use them for appliques and patches. THIS IS LOVE, PEOPLE. And it better be at what a meter of this sucker cost me. I do NOT normally pay that much for fabric. Or wait, a yard? Whatever.IMG_0566 I appear to be incapable of buying in halfs like normal people. I always have to get the whole meter. Or yard. Or whatever.

I maybe have another package from fabricworm in the mail. BUT I GOT AN EMAIL. THERE WAS A SALE ON ALEXANDER HENRY FABRICS. Besides, everything I get in the mail these days is like, cloth diapers or onesies or glass bottles or change tables or breast pumps. (Hi, creepy guy from Google Search who is very confused by pictures of fabric that are clearly not related to breasts.) All those things are fun and/or cute (except the last one, which is really neither) but it’s nice to get something that’s just for my hoarde-y little self but you know, everything I make with this stuff is probably going to be for Nicole or Baby V anyways, give give give, that’s me. Selfless.

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