two-page digi layout – pink overload

My internet was down for the night and I was too tired to do anything physical, so I got some more digital scrapbooking. The net was down b/c the hubster had unplugged the main box downstairs, but I didn’t mind … he was painting my craft room, installing the laminate flooring, and painting and possibly installing beadboard in there as well. (painting first and installing after because he’s a sloppy painter, he didn’t want his prego lady painting, and he didn’t want to mess up the new floor.) He’s actually still working on it while I type this, I think he intends to wait for it to dry and install it tonight yet. So, unplug my internet, make a paint mess all over my kitchen sink, track mud into the house, I don’t care. Quite frankly, as far as I’m concerned, the man farts glitter right now. pinkjune1 copy I’m sure you’re all getting way way sick of these pictures by now. I promise, last time. Except for maybe next week sometime when I forego my pride and ask you to go on facebook and fan Ottawa Cloth Diapers and vote for the one (on page 2) with her standing on the swing in their summer photo contest by ‘like’ing it. Shameless. (But at the same time, if you go check it out and like another picture better, go with that. Fair is fair.)pinkjune2 copy In other news, I’m going to try canning tomorrow. I’ll do salsa and strawberry jam. I bought the Bernadin starter kit at Zellers. BECAUSE WALMART DID NOT HAVE IT. Or any cans except one tiny pack of the cute little super decorative ones. I even went twice. I was pretty shocked, not gonna lie.

DID I MENTION MY HUSBAND IS FINISHING MY CRAFT ROOM RIGHT NOW AND THAT IS SUPER EXCITING?! Look forwards to ‘finished’ pictures of that room and my basement in the next two weeks! There’s brackets because I’m not sure when the drop ceiling goes in and I don’t even care anymore. My square footage of useable space is about to go through the roof and I’m so happy.

Aaaand my internet just went back on. Timing = excellent.

(As is often the case, the pieces for this layout were from Two Peas In A Bucket)

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