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Baby V ultrasound excerpt

Here is a little excerpt of my u/s in 2D and 3D both, featuring a yawn and lots of fist-gnawing. This was such a neat experience, words cannot express. It was also really cool watching my 3 yr old explain to grandma and grandpa how baby likes to hide behind arms and fists and that baby is disgusting because baby licks baby’s hand. (haha. Little hypocrite, that one.)

I have a guest post scheduled for tomorrow and then hopefully I’ll be back to life! Camping last week was fun, coming down with a monster toothache was not fun. Neither was speeding to the dentist monday morning when I was back, fully prepared to bawl my eyes out at any cop who dared try pull me over (ok, i speed by like 3-5 km/h. odds are against getting pulled over, granted.) to find out I need to see a specialist / oral surgeon. PREGGOS DO NOT GET T3s, kids. Preggos get tylenol and Orajel and sympathetic looks. But google helped me find some homeopathic remedies and guess what works best for me? Warm salt water rinses. Oh. Huh. Okay! I should have thought of that one myself. It has me back to a functioning level, and one where I’m not using a full tube of Orajel every three days while being on Tylenol as often as is safe. Which is great, because I’m waiting a month for that appointment! Eek! I’ll be halfway to baby by then(compared to now)! Oh well. Take my advice, if you’re thinking of getting pregnant, get your teeth did. And then get them cleaned halfways through. There are a few different factors that make you much much more likely to get a nasty toothache during pregnancy, and you want to get on top of that shit because honey, it is not fun gargling salt and avoiding solid foods. Just saying.

One thought on “Baby V ultrasound excerpt

  1. You poor thing! That toothache sounds miserable!! I hope you're feeling better soon. 🙂

    That ultrasound melted my little hormonal heart. You make some adorable babies, my Lord!


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