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Best Little Girl Cloche

Nicole was getting a bit jealous of the baby crocheting I’ve been doing, so I let her pick out a yarn and a pattern to whip her up a hat. We wound up with Bernat Cottontots in Blue Berry, and the Best Little Girl Cloche from Aesthetic Nest. I’m not sure if the pattern is sized a bit generously or if it was the substitution, but I found the size 3/4 fit her a little bit generously. I would definitely recommend sizing down one if you wind up using Bernat Cottontots. IMG_2111She’s been all about the blue lately, whenever I let her pick her own stuff out she chooses blue every time lately. It used to always be pink… HOT pink. I can’t help but be sad at the idea that she might be over her ‘pink’ stage already! Sigh… IMG_2116 It’s too bad that I can’t wear blue. Nicole stretched the hat out after this photo shoot, and now it would fit MY head! I’m a little scared to try and shrink it up in the wash, I don’t know if the yarn would maybe pill up a bit if I tried shrinking it. Some does, some doesn’t. I’m going to just crochet another one in a smaller size. IMG_2120This free pattern is also available in baby sizes. It’s very cute! It involves sc, hdc, and dc stitches, as well as chain stitches. Easy-peasy! Not at all hard to follow, either. Check the pattern out in its various sizes, newborn and all the way up, at Aesthetic Nest. (PS, I love her older daughter’s haircut. I wanted the same thing for Nicole’s recent cut but couldn’t remember where I’d seen it. Then I found her website back looking for this hat pattern! Saved some inspiration pictures to show our hairdresser for Nicole’s next cut.)

2 thoughts on “Best Little Girl Cloche

  1. Cute hat!

    I was looking for a “contact you” place on your blog and couldn't see it, could be that I am blind. Anyway, I believe we live in the same city (zoo pictures gave it away 🙂 and since you never say here (that I have seen) where you live I don't want to post in your comments where we live!! I am curious though since I want to start crocheting but don't have any idea where to start to look for supplies and was hoping you could give me some places you like to find your stuff. If you can help me out I would appreciate it. You can reach me at


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