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Another CSN Stores Opportunity and a Giant Squirrel.

So, first of all, I’m excited to share that I’ve been invited to work with CSN Stores again! I’ll be doing a review of one of their products again this time. (My last review is up on their website but I’ll post another one here once I share nursery pictures.) What I am most definitely NOT excited to share is how long I spent this afternoon looking around their stores. As in, not telling. I’ll give you a hint, more than fifteen minutes. Significantly more. But listen, they have everything from coffee tables to nursery art to shoes to lamps to soap. It’s mind-boggling. It makes wally mart look insignificant. Let me tell you. Want a fun suggestion on how to waste time browse their store for pretties? Type a color into the search, and then use the sidebar on the left to narrow down your search into types of things and price range. Like, I typed in aqua and narrowed it to a price range. And then I spent, uhhh… let’s say, ‘some’ time browsing. Art and clothes and shoes and FUN STUFF I TELL YOU.

Now, onto the squirrel issue. There is this gigantic grey squirrel in our neighbourhood. Chris and I like to joke about it, like that it’d take Chris out if he messed with it and stuff. The thing is the size of a small cat. It’s a monster, and despite the fact that Chris hates all the little squirrels in the neighbourhood, he has a strong admiration for this beast.

Early this afternoon, I went to grab the mail and when I opened the screen door I was surprised to find Gigantic Grey Squirrel sitting on my front step. He was about a foot away from me, and I held the screen door open a few inches as we stared at each other. I was admiring the fact that he didn’t seem to be scared of me, while trying to call Nicole over to come look without scaring him off. Next thing you know, he makes a move to try and jump in the house! I gave an undignified squawk and blocked him with my leg, hoping he wouldn’t call my bluff and actually jump at me. He hopped back and regarded me again, while Nicole ran over to see what the fuss was about. The two of us stared at the beast and I excitedly told her he’d tried to jump in the house. Suddenly he went for it again! I couldn’t believe the ballsy little guy! Two of us standing in the doorway, and he invites himself right in! I blocked him again and pulled the screen door closed, then got an idea. I instructed Nicole to keep the door closed so he stayed outside, then grabbed a cracker. I hucked the cracker onto the lawn, and he leapt for it. I grabbed the mail and closed the screen door again. Nicole was so delighted that he liked her crackers that she grabbed one and went outside to feed it to him, so he decided to take off. (I’m not sure why people are apparently scarier on a lawn then in a doorway, but there you go.)

Considering we’re an urban family, we have a remarkably high number of Insane Animal Incidents.

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