day to day

points of pride

– I went to the fabric store. I did not go to the candy store across the street. Possibly because I thought I’d forgotten my debit card and I spent all my cash at the fabric store, but I’m counting it. I had like four bucks in change, I could have bought candycorn.

– I bought all the rest of the fabric I need to finish the baby quilt I started, AND to have leftovers to make a decent amount of matching Stuff for the room.

-ummm… that’s all I’ve got. I have to go do the dishes and fold the laundry before I can really justify feeling proud of myself again.

This is actually kind of a depressing post. I don’t have candy corn and I still have to do the dishes.

Oh! I thought of another one.

-I crocheted a really cute fuzzy baby hat I will share later, it’s nice and gender neutral. It’s my own pattern and everything. Amazing what one can do when one is not folding laundry. Like blogging two posts in one day, for example. Ahem.

That’s not really a point of pride, I just still really want some. I have the best willpower ever. Kindof. If you were to plunk a bowl of candy corn in front of me that sucker would be empty asap.

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