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What is and what should be

What should be on my mind: three loads of unfolded laundry.

What is on my mind: Iiiiiiiiiii’m going to the fabricstore todaaaaaay, with-ooooooout aaaaaany chiiiiiiiild-reeeeen! That’s supposed to be singsong. And I’m not interested in anyone pointing out I only have one child at this moment, it sounds better this way. With my luck I’ll go into labour at the cutting table. I’ll be all like, NO, SERIOUSLY. CUT THAT SHIT. I HAVE TO GO HOME TO GET MY BAG ANYWAYS. I’m hardcore like that.

What should be on my mind: eating something. Something healthy.

What is on my mind: candy corn. I can blame the internet for that. Everyone is crafting candy corn this or baking candy corn that and I’ve been holding off for so long but the candy store is right across from the fabric store.

What should be on my mind: buying baby socks. I have none purchased. This poor unborn child. Second-child-syndrome already. I should also be buying super fun things like nursing pads and pads that aren’t for nursing and Vitamin D and all that stuff I picked up on the Way Home From The Hospital Walmart Run last time. Cos man, my ticker says 17 days until due date. At least the baby room is like 1/3 of the way painted.

What is on my mind: club chairs and counter stools and shoes for mama and art supplies for Nicole and everything my consumer-brain could possibly wish for (except candy corn and fabric i guess) at CSN Stores. I like to waste lots of laundry-folding and dish-washing time browsing promote a good budget by doing a lot of comparison shopping there. I find the prices tend to compare and then go ahead and compete with a lot of big-famous-brand stores. I’m going to be doing another review with them this month again, so I get to spend more time, uh, comparison shopping. My husband thinks its great that I get to review something so if I’m all like “Oh, the laundry is in the baskets, I was trying to decide what to review so I didn’t get around to it.” he’s all like “sounds perfectly reasonable.” ohoho.

Okay I’d do more but I’m honestly not really thinking about anything anymore except for the candy corn, but I’m going to go do the right thing and eat a bowl of oatmeal.

candycorn candycorn candycorn candycorn candycorn candycorn

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