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Olivia’s Nursery

As you may or may not recall, Olivia’s nursery started off as our office/craft room. When we found out I was pregnant, my hubby built my beautiful craft room in our basement. Soon the room upstairs became a Room Where Crap Lives. It was pretty brutal. Straight out of Hoarders, no lie.

I had a few loves and likes in my head. I had a huge crush on  Young House Love John & Sherry’s gender-neutral color scheme that easily became a girl nursery that didn’t look the least bit neutral. (In my head neutral tends to wind up as yellow ducks and the like. I know there are gorgeous neutral rooms though!)

Once I found out I was having a girl, though, I went back and forth and eventually decided I wanted to use the same color blue that I’d used in the office. It’s just such a beautiful color! (Jamaican Aqua by Benjamin Moore.) Initially my intention was to accent that with hot pink, going with a funkier feel like Nicole’s room. However, once it was painted and I had a few things in the room, I decided I loved white and light pink and light lime green as accent colors. Without further ado, let’s get to the pictures!

IMG_2658 The room is still pretty unfinished. No trim, the chair in the corner will get a slipcover instead of the blanket thrown over it… the swing in the corner is actually in the livingroom now that it’s being put to use… curtains would be awesomesauce, right now I have a sheet up. I need curtains that are insulated but not hideous. This will probably involve a lot of DIY. IMG_2659 I sewed that cute little patchwork changing pad cover while I was overdue. Those baskets will be full of cloth diapering supplies when I start using them. Actually, I’d prefer getting other, cuter baskets by then. Three on each shelf, preferably lined. IMG_2661 IMG_2662Mind the cluttery dresser in these ones… I had all her little shoes and hats there until she was born because I liked to look at them. IMG_2664A closer view of the changing mat. It makes me happy. It is good to have something happy to look at when you’re dealing with dirty diapers. IMG_2691 Nicole painting some artwork for the nursery… I totally love this picture of her, she didn’t realize yet I had the camera, she was just thrilled to be painting something for her baby sister. She did this before Olivia was born. IMG_2707 The artwork… the concept came from here and is basically stickers stuck on the canvasboard by yours truly to make the phrase, and then the kiddo gets to go at with the paint colors I provide. In this case, shades of pink. I felt it needed a little extra so I added on border stickers to the top when the first layer was dry, let her do more painting, and then sprinkled on glitter while the paint was still wet. IMG_2719The green gingham ruffle was already there, but I added the bottom pink ruffle. I just made a really long piece, did a rolled hem on the bottom with my serger, and ran it through my ruffle foot. I wound up doing a small amount of ruffling to the bottom of the green layer to make it smaller so the amount of fabric I was using didn’t get too ridiculous.  IMG_2894 And a quick shot of Olivia in her cute little Woombie. She reminds me of one of those Glo Worm dolls from when I was a kid. This thing works wonders though, she loves to be swaddled and once she falls asleep she sleeps much deeper and longer when she’s in her Woombie. I recommend giving them a try, especially if you can get them at one of those baby half off sites. That is where I got mine.

So there we have it. The room isn’t done yet, but it feels like a pretty good start. I’m not done her quilt yet, either, but no biggie, I figure, since it won’t go in until the crib does. She actually only gets changed in here right now, the bassinette/cradle goes by my bed at night so I can reach a hand down and comfort her easily back to sleep or grab her and nurse her. Makes for good sleeping for both of us.


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