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Cookies and milk

I give myself a blue ribbon for my multitasking last night. I was baking cookies/nursing/watching Gossip Girl something incredibly educational and non-trashy/blogging all at the same time. After 11pm. Actually maybe I give myself a blue ribbon for Batshit Crazy. Probably that. But you know what, I love my cookie scoop. Only with a cookie scoop can you nurse a baby and fill a cookie sheet with cookie dough balls at the same time. Mine is the size medium cookie scoop from Pampered Chef and I love it. Two scoops to fill a muffin/cupcake cup… one scoop for a generous meatball or cookie. I know some people prefer the smaller scoop but I like my cookies and meatballs to be HEARTY.

(click the scoop to be brought to the product page.)

I was totally going somewhere with this but then baby and three year old and hours passed and I watched a movie and I have no idea what I was up to. But somehow I still feel its important that the world know that everyone needs a cookie scoop. I used to get bored/annoyed halfways through making cookies because while I love the idea of making cookies, and the taste of cookie dough, and the smell of fresh cookies… when it comes down to actually placing a gazillion cookies on sheet after sheet with 8-12 minute pauses in between, snoooore. However, if you can’t find a cookie dough scoop or a Pampered Chef consultant to get you one, I highly recommend freezing cookie dough in a container when you get bored of devoting your life to scooping cookies, and pretend your endgoal all along was to have frozen cookie dough so you could enjoy fresh cookies whenever the mood hit. I recommend this MUCH more than I recommend polishing off the cookie dough you don’t feel like scooping. Trust me on this one. It seems like a good plan, but you will immediately regret that decision.

Actually I just decided you should give somebody a cookie scoop and a bucket of homemade frozen cookie dough for Christmas. Tadaa! I just went somewhere useful with this post. Merry Christmas. If I was a real blogger I’d have a picture of beautifully presented cookie dough in a bucket wrapped up with a cookie scoop and there would be ribbon and beautiful tags and it would be amazing. If you want a real blogger I can provide you with a good long list, actually… since I’m not a real blogger I’ll distract you instead with pictures of my adorable girls. Olivia was two weeks old yesterday!

IMG_3012 IMG_3018 IMG_3021 IMG_3022 IMG_3026Olivia has some newborn rashyskin going on… Nicole still loves her super bad… I still am pretending Olivia might have my green eyes even though its definitely looking like she’s leaning towards blue like everyone else in our families… and yes, those are coordinating outfits. And I didn’t even leave the house with them today. I just do it because Nicole loves it. Okay, and maybe me too. 


So, back to the beginning… what’s the your best/craziest multitasking victory so far? Mine is pretty amazing for me because normally I can’t multitask AT ALL. Also, do you have a slightly unusual kitchen tool you’re madly in love with, like my beloved cookie scoop? I’m always up to try more, especially small ones that fit in drawers.

Also, I apologize to those of you who ‘got’ the title and are like ‘awwwwww that’s not even funny’.

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