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A quick peek

Here’s a quick peek from this weekend… starting with my little meatball.IMG_3166 This is the change table I reviewed for CSN Stores, by the way. I love it. Olivia loves it, too. She just stares at the bars happily whenever I put her here. If I need to put her down for a sec to go to the washroom or something when she’s crabby, I put her here. Keeps her happy.IMG_3183 copy  Another thing that keeps her happy is her minkee lovie. A friend of mine makes them and gave me a great deal. IMG_3191 Santa Olivia! My mom bought this dress for Nicole but Nicole outgrew it by mid November (she was a July baby and it is 3/6 mos… Nicole was a little chubster too, but not quite as much as my little meatball.)IMG_3195 Me and my girls. Okay, the smallest one is a loaner. Believe it or not, she is only 8 days younger than Olivia! My sister in law was due at the end of December but her water broke a month and a half early, plus Olivia was born 11 days past her due date, so they wound up super close together. Cute though, little girl cousins and they’ll be in the same class! IMG_3198 Note that I am not wearing a headband here. Yaay! No headband. Oh, I guess I should admit I gave up on being shampoo-free. I went beserk a few days ago and declared it OVER. I attacked my hair with shampoo and then slathered on the conditioner. No more greasy-looking static hair!

Speaking of going beserk… okay, where I am it is –20 C …ish. Depending on the day. It’s a dry cold, and the furnace makes it a dry warm, too. I WANT TO TEAR OUT MY FINGERNAILS AND MY HAIR AND GNAW OFF MY HANDS. I get this every year. And then I pull out the humidifier and continue slathering on obscene amounts of lotion. I don’t know if I’m the only one who gets this crazy over it or what, everyone else kindof gives me the crazyface when I bring it up. But I literally cannot stand to fold laundry or put on clothes or change diapers or anything that involves touching fabric when I’m this dry. I don’t even have my vents on in the car, I feel like I can literally feel the heat sucking the moisture out of me.

Does anyone else have any Wow-Crazy-Lady things? I have the dryness thing and I also go insane over certain textures of fabric. I won’t go anywhere near a damask-y looking couch, I just know the feel of the fabric will give me shivers up and down my spine. Like nails on a chalkboard.

Oh! Guess what! Stay tuned… sometime this week, I’m going to jump on the scale and share the results. Time to start getting fit again!

3 thoughts on “A quick peek

  1. Aww, little santa dress! Adorable.
    yes I hear you about the dryness… I cant stand it! Im constantly lathering lotion on my hands and arms, and even that doesnt keep up with it.. I have a 'my-skin-is-so-sensitive-it-breaks-out-in-dry-rash' and it doesn't look pretty.. my arms took the bulk of it. Boo. Good idea about the humidifier.. I should pull mine out. Also our furnace is one of those newer ones and it has a humidifier box on it…. I should look into how that works.. might be worth it through these winter months!
    PS, you changed your living room around! 🙂


  2. My Mom's hands get so dry the would get huge cracks in them and bleed! …. mine do that once in a while but not quite as bad as hers! If you put on a super good/thick Vaseline like lotion (mk EENC works great for this) 😛 and wear cotton gloves to bed your hands should get better in a few days.
    I love seeing pics of your kids! Miriam still knows who Nicole is. Miriam is also super jealous that Nicole gets to have a real baby live at her house! 😛


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