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Which witch is which?

That tongue twister is actually a terrible title for this post. I take it back. Neither of my daughters are witchy. (Thus says Laura when both of them are sleeping. Ask me how I feel when they’re both wailing for funsies.) Anyways, those of you who are friends with me on facebook – not the page but me the person – have seen these side-by-side pictures of Nicole and Olivia already. They tickle me pink, though, so I’m sharing them with y’all too.

nicole olivia 1 monthNicole at one month, Olivia at one month

nicoleolivia2mosNicole at two months, Olivia at two months

They aren’t identical but they are definitely sisters, that’s for sure! And I think Nicole is quite a pretty little thing, if I do say so myself, so it’s nice to know that Olivia will be, too. In my totally unbiased opinion, winkwink.

Coo over my babies. Coo, I tell you!


This one, by the way, weighed in at 14 lbs. at her two month appointment the other day. She’s also in the 97th percentile for height. My two month old is too tall for most of the 3-6 month dresses I have for her, they look ridiculous. 6-12 is of course far too wide even for this little meatball, here. So… to the batmobile! Wait, no. The sewing room! I have visions of a slew of little peasant dresses dancing in my head. If things go nicely I shall prep some tutorials. It’s been a long year, but I’m starting to rev my engines again! This year will be more craft, less reno. I say with drywall dust in my coffee machine. DO NOT ASK. TOUCHY SUBJECT.

2 thoughts on “Which witch is which?

  1. Great comparison shots! Definitely sisters, but Olivia's dark hair really sets her apart. Love the soft focus and all the skin in that top shot of Nicole.


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