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The Scholar and the Raging Lunatic


So, after The Incident I popped out my other lens and declared my glasses a prop. Since Olivia had her pictures taken by a photographer from Canadian Baby, Nicole was more than willing – for once – to do a mini shoot with me. So I mean, in case you thought I was playing favourites with all the Olivia shoots, I’ll clarify that. Olivia is the one who can’t move fast enough to get away from me. Thus far.


If you’re curious, her jeggings (ha, I love that word. And those things. All of us ladies in this house own a pair.) are from Target and her shirt is from The Children’s Place. You can’t see it in these picture, but it’s got a long ruffle on the bottom, and it’s tunic length in the front and dress length in the back. PERFECT with leggings, and I love it dearly.


I love that laughing picture so much. It’s very “Nicole.” Speaking of Nicole – which clearly we are, since her pictures are littering the page – she’s taken some developmental leaps drawing-wise suddenly. I’m very pleased. She’s started drawing grass and suns in her pictures, and her people inside of a house, and also she’s starting to notice details and add them to her pictures. Details like hair. Or bums. Yup, of course bums. Today she was drawing a picture of “mommy and grandma and Nicole” and I hear her muttering to me about “your big bum.” Which, first of all, medium sized, I’ll have you know. Not pancake patootie but not exactly badunkadunk either. Anways, I go investigate and there is this giant C shaped thing sticking out the side of my person. Not wanting to jump to conclusions – I mean, she mentioned a backpack, too – I casually inquired as to what it was.


“That’s mommy’s big bum,” she replies just as casually, adding some pink to the red roof.



Does anyone else find they start spring cleaning in February? Perhaps its just because the snow doesn’t start to melt here until somewhere in May most years, but generally at some point in February I just get sick to death of cluttery closets and suchlike and turn into a raging lunatic. I mean, my dog threw up all over my house last night so that definitely contributes to my urge to sanitize every surface. But right now I’m taking a break in between ripping things out of closets and putting them back in in a better fashion and wishing I had one thousand baskets that magically fit in every cupboard and drawer because everything just feels much better organized in a basket to me.

Anyways, don’t come over, you’ll think you walked into an episode of Hoarders except that all the cupboards and closets are empty. And also, I am keeping up on my Project 52, sortof, I just need to edit and post the last few. Yay me.

4 thoughts on “The Scholar and the Raging Lunatic

  1. Oh my goodness! These pictures are fantastic. It's so great to find another fabulous Canadian blogger. I look forward to reading more!


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