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Friday Favourites

Welcome to another edition of…. FRIDAY FAVOURITES!

(In my head that is said in a pleasing and incredibly enthusiastic male voice. )


-How cool is this, two beds in a closet! I love how creative some people can be with small spaces. By local standards, our around-1000-square-foot home is about average, but I know that it is considered a small space in some quarters. I’ve certainly got nothing on this level of ingenuity!


-This video tutorial over at the Make Bracelets Blog. I used it to make both of the above bracelets. The upper one fits my wrist and uses hemp, precious stone beads that I have no idea what they even are anymore, and a charm. The lower one is I think waxed cotton, plus seed beads and another charm. A very different look – and size, if you think about the fact that the blue/green one has seed beads and how tiny those are – both done using the same technique. I love it! And pretty easy to catch on to.


-This cookie-stuffed cookie recipe that Shannon from luvinthemommyhood literally just emailed me. I think I just gained 5 lbs licking the monitor while typing that out. Or maybe that was from scarfing down half an ice cream bucket full of cookies so I could start making them. hmm.

I don’t have much this week, I’m behind on my blog feed since I’ve been doing a lot of doing lately. I think I have to watch my naughty mouth when I’m doing though because the 3 yr old across the table from me making a playdoh family out of giraffes? She just muttered, “aw, shit” under her breath when one of her giraffes didn’t work out.

I may have to homeschool her just so I don’t embarrass myself.

Speaking of Nicole, my favourite Nicole-quote of the week would have to be this one:

“Olivia will be the dragon and I will FIGHT her!!” “Uh, no.” “But you said we could play together!”

And my favourite (?) Olivia-thing of the week would be that her newest way of letting us know she is feeling crabby? Gnawing on your face. She literally growls little babygirl growls and chews on your cheek / chin / forehead / whatever she can reach. It’s pretty hilarious, I’m not gonna lie.


(Just to end off with a picture. Hat is Aesthetic Nest Best Baby Cloche of course, and heck ya she’s in an exersaucer, didn’t you know my 3 month old could support herself standing in an exersaucer? This kid, I tell ya.)

2 thoughts on “Friday Favourites

  1. At least she said that at home, in private. Calvin did that to us in Fabricland in Prince George when he was 2 something years old. We were walking to the door and i dont' quite remember what happened, but very loudly and very clearly he said “Oh shit!” I was soooo embarassed but the people standing around chuckled.


  2. Sorry to just randomly comment on your blog! But that cookie looks absolutely delicious, I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog to find the recipe! 🙂
    aw, and your daughters look adorable 🙂


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