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Makeover(under) and clutch giveaway

I gave my blog a little big of a makeover/makeunder. Click over and check it out if you’re viewing in a reader, I’d love to hear what you think! (If you do, you’ll notice that I changed my comments a bit, we’re back to the blogger comment form.) The biggest thing, for me, is that I’ve fixed a few of the little glitches, like the missing “Older Posts” button on the bottom. I think it looks a wee bit cleaner, too. I do have some teeny tiny things I want to fix, because I’m very particular about certain little bitty teeny weeny things, but we’re mostly aces, I think!


Actually, the watermark on the (completely random) photo reminds me, I’ve also fixed things with the whole blog url thing. I’ve had for a while (over a year actually) but previously it was just a stealth forwarding thingy. (Don’t let my technical terms confuse you, now. We can’t all be as internet-coding-stuffers literate as I am.) Now I have things all agreeing nicely with blogger and if you look on your address bar, you will see that I am now always showing up as … no matter what you type in your bar. Well I mean, no matter what you type that lands you at my blog. If you type in you will definitely not get my blog. If you do, please do let me know, I’d be pretty impressed at my own self.


This picture above is just because I snapped it this morning when I was being a terrible person and taking pictures of my happy little beanie instead of picking her straight up like she was sortof expecting. I’ve been told before that she almost doesn’t seem real. So there’s some reality for ya. (Her head went and grew and now she’s down to only two chins. I hardly recognize her.)


But you’re thinking, get on with it, Laura, you mentioned a giveaway. Why, yes I did. See, back in the fall I whipped up two Noodlehead gathered clutches. I was going to give one away to celebrate my birthday, and got permission from Anna to do so. However, I spent my third trimester half a step away from having anxiety attacks and avoiding anything that I had on my to-do list, no matter how fun. So while I gave the other one to my sister in law to thank her for watching Nicole for me so much during the last two months and helping me out in many other ways, I never did do the giveaway I intended. So I thought I’d do it now to celebrate me finally marking “fix the blog layout” off my to-do list!


This cute little clutch has a divider in the middle inside, as well as two card slots for say, your debit card and your drivers license. It is perfect for running out and about, or for throwing in your diaper bag. And the colors feel like spring! You know what does NOT feel like spring? Anything outside of my windows right now, that’s what.


To enter to win, simply leave a comment telling me what you think of the new blog layout. Or what you think of winter. Or what you think of the idea of cookie-in-a-cookie. Or perhaps the wierdest thing anyone has ever thrown at you. (mine would probably be a bottle of bbq sauce, courtesy of Nicole, just a few nights ago. A little more ‘reality’ for ya.)

Because my calendar says its International Women’s Day and that seems kindof appropriate.

Also, if you don’t mind, I would love your vote on Top Mommy Blogs. Voting will have really no influence on whether or not you win this clutch. But it will definitely make you lose 10lb.

I’m apparently not supposed to make stuff up to get your vote. But I’d like to see you prove that’s false.

Visit Top Mommy Blogs To Vote For Me!

Ha, psyche. I might be wrong, but you just voted for me so who cares? SHAZAM!!

13 thoughts on “Makeover(under) and clutch giveaway

  1. Just an FYI – this post did NOT appear in my blogger dashboard reader or whatever that thingy is called. That makes me sad. Not sure if that's a result of your makeover/under/sideways (which is pretty BTW) or a result of something stupid I did. But you know. Sad.


  2. im pretty sure a cookie in a cookie is the way world war 2 ended. someone gave someone else a really delicious and mindblastingly different baked good, and peace was made. its in the history books, check it out.
    your craftiness continues to inspire me. theres a naked baby laying on the desk beside me (inanimate baby that is) and after visiting (thats what got me here, neat hey), it makes me want to sew it clothes.


  3. Also…

    “If you type in you will definitely not get my blog. If you do, please do let me know, I’d be pretty impressed at my own self. “



  4. I actually have tears in my eyes from reading your blog. I have just stumbled across it for the first time, so can't comment on the layout, but it does look lovely. Winter sucks but we had sunshine in Scotland today which gave a bit of hope that Spring might appear eventually. The other day I was attacked by a yellow plastic elephant whilst I tried to cut my 6 month old's finger nails. It was her polite way of expressing her displeasure!


  5. The clutch is so cute 🙂 I really like your layout, the background is pretty and adds interest, but doesn't interfere with being able to read the posts easily. My favourite part is the header, the line with the photos is very sweet.

    Kate1485 at


  6. I like the snow during winter. If only we could have the beauty of snow with the warm weather of spring! I like your new site layout. Love the colors. Pink and brown, my favorite!


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