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Gratuitous Baby Pictures

IMG_4027 copy

Olivia is a GroVia and/or GroBaby baby, if anyone is curious. I cloth diaper like 60% of the time and feel no guilt whatsoever about the other 40%. NONE. I also feel no guilt when I have extraordinarily long, hot showers. Since I have that new-baby-mom haven’t-showered-in-three-days funkiness to me at least once a week I feel like it evens out.

(edited March 1st – we’re at 100% of the time because I got stubborn and decided not to buy any more disposables. As a result my hubby is no longer assisting with the diapering but we’ll see who lasts longer – diapering Olivia is pretty hilarious. She gets ridiculously excited when you take her pants off.)

This next shot is my ‘sweet shot’… I am SO pleased with it.

IMG_4067 copy

I don’t know about you but I could spend like an hour nomnomnom-ing on those cheekies. Do you notice something different about these pictures? I’m using an old Yashica 55mm lens attached to my camera with an adaptor. Manual focus, whatwhaaat! It’s tricky, but I’m super in love and I go on to Christopher about how much I want to buy one actually made for my camera so I can have autofocus. Daily. And show him lots of pictures. And go on about bokeh in a really annoying voice.

IMG_4074 copy

We can’t be smiling all the time. Life is stressful when you’re a baby.

IMG_4078 copy

Juuuuuust kidding, no it’s not.

We’re getting our family pictures done this weekend, I’m pretty excited. I’ve been avoiding baking cookies all week in preparation. And doing exercises. Like baby lifts. And rocking back and forth with a baby. And walking around with a baby. That kind of stuff. *flexes*

Sweet Shot Day

14 thoughts on “Gratuitous Baby Pictures

  1. I cloth diaper 95% of the time, going on 100%, but it has nothing to do with guilt. It is just that compared to using cloth, disposables gross me out!

    Still, it is worth mentioning that I also have gross-out issues with band-aids and female sanitary products. So I might just be the weird one. 😉


  2. this one time, a long time ago, actually like 5 years ago, i had a canon rebel. and then, i went on a trip overseas and decided that i wanted a small pocket sized digital camera. so i traded in my canon rebel for like, $100 and got a digital piece o'junk that i don't even use anymore. biggest. mistake. ever. i really wish i had my canon. sigh.


  3. Too, too cute. I see pictures like these and so wish that digital SLRs were around when my kids were babies so many years ago (yep, I'm THAT old!)

    Great pics! 🙂


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