The best 30 seconds of your life

I am relatively certain this random video of my kids laughing at literally nothing will be the best thirty seconds of your life. Or your day. Or at least the last minute.

I know, again with the videos. I like to spend ages 3mos to 2 years making videos of every ridiculous thing my kid does and sharing it with everyone. After that the ridiculous things get naughty and I stop making videos because I don’t seem like an awesome mom when I’m yelling “WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THAT TOILET BRUSH?! DID YOU…. UGH!!! AUGH! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!”

One thought on “The best 30 seconds of your life

  1. Okay, a few comments here. 1)Baby laughter is the absolute best thing in the world. 2) She cut her hair? Ah! I myself freaked out for you when I was reading that one. Oh sweet baby hair! Good thing she has so much of it. 3) that other random baby video is seriously funny. 4) You rock.



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