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Intro to Crochet Bootcamp video series

First of all, I bet you $5 that I say ‘blathering idiot’ more times in this video than you have all week. Don’t forget, I do accept paypal.

Note: I now have a cutesy name. And button. Tadaa!


If you’d like to start a specific project right off with the lessons as reference, you’ll want to start off with whatever hook and yarn the project recommends. For a first project, I recommend starting something that calls for a hook no smaller than 4.5mm. You can find crochet hooks tons of places, including Wal to the Mart. Also, I recommend starting with either a cotton, a bamboo, or an acrylic with a ‘satin’ feel to it. Anything that says ‘satin’ on the label is likely to be easier to work with. Don’t start with anything textured, and don’t start with a blanket. Go for something small, something that screams ‘instant gratification’. A little baby hat can be worked up in a matter of hours, even if you have to pull half of it out three times for mistakes. Trust me on this one.

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