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Crochet Bootcamp Part 2 – sc


Today we have the single crochet stich, referred to in patterns as sc. Between ch and sc stitch, you actually have enough to make any basic item!  (Those are the stitches my Oma taught me, and I made items using just them for years and years!)

With just these stitches, you can make a scarf, a dishcloth (pick up ‘Handicraft cotton’ and whip yourself up some dishcloths for yourself or for gifts, el cheapo!) even a basic blanket or purse. Actually, you can even make yourself hats, whether in the round or created with two rectangles seamed or slip stitched together.

The big thing to remember when you’re making something square or rectangular (or sometimes in the round, but we’ll get into that later) is to make one chain stitch on the end of every row – in a pattern, this will read something like “sc across, ch1.” If you forget to do this, your item will slowly get smaller and smaller across as you turn around and crochet in the first space. I had some brainfarts while making this video and if I refer to the single crochet stitch as Single Chain Stich or the yarn as String, please just shake your head sadly and move along.

Once again my Safeway card and Airmiles make an appearance. They are the guest stars. Do not question it. They will show up once more, possibly, depending if that last video turned out. However, the next video I post will be about the slip stitch, and that one isn’t recorded yet.

I’ll do a little roundup soon of crochet patterns that are fairly basic and easy for beginners, and then I’ll let y’all come to a vote and I’ll end of the series by going through the pattern of choice with you. I’ll include pay patterns in my roundup, but obviously none of those will be an option for the final video. 😉 (And rest assured, there will be editing on that final video, and the shell stitch video as well. I’m not going to have you sit through two hours of me crocheting a baby hat or anything.)

If you’re interested in crocheting your own scarf right now (and who wouldn’t be in spring, right? Right!) all you need to do is grab your yarn and the size of hook called for on the label. (In Bootcamp 1 I linked to a site that walks you through the label.)

Ch as many stitches as you’d like your scarf to be wide, then turn and sc across. Ch1 at the end of the row, turn, and sc across. Repeat and repeat and repeat until your scarf gets as long as you’d like it to be. Tadaa! Not only did you make that scarf yourself, you designed it yourself as well!

See, so easy.

I’ve had a request for a bigger version of the button picture. I’ll tell you what. Request denied. But mainly because it is a very grainy low-qual picture. To prove I have no fear of looking ridiculous – as if leaving my house from time to time doesn’t do that all on it’s own – I will share with you Outtake Number 11 (approximately) from the Intro video.

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