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Do Not Adjust Your Monitor

So, this was totally one of Those Moments. “Well, they’re being nice and quiet.” 🙂 (long blissful pause, followed by slowly remembering that there is no such thing as Nice And Quiet.)

Now, considering this has previously ended in Olivia receiving a haircut from Nicole when she was too small to wiggle away and/or defend herself… this wasn’t so bad.

Makeup artistry in this post is courtesy of Nicole. The bronzed baby, if you look closely, is in fact Olivia. I am pretty sure, at least. I found her in Olivia’s bed, at any rate, with Nicole standing by the bed holding a makeup brush and looking guilty. (I know, Olivia is super slimy in the first picture. She had a runny nose yesterday.)


Why yes, that is my cellphone, thank you for asking. I had to sacrifice it for the sake of photojournalism, because she kept crawling in and out of the sunbeams, and to the puppy, and to the memory box Nicole pulled out so she could put a flower petal that Chris gave her in it, and to the shoes, and… you get the picture. Sorry, phone.

And yes, the astute amongst have may have noticed that the girls match. I know, that is some crazy shizznit right there, that stuff never happens around here. Actually, right now I’m just killing time because Nicole took a nap (rare) and wet herself and now she’s on her bed screeching because I want to take off her peed clothes AND SHE WANTS TO MATCH OLIVIA AND SHE NO WANT A BATH. So I’m waiting it out. I’m more patient than her. Theoretically. Or Chris will come home and she will choose to let one of us do it over the other. Or I’ll just dump her in the bath fully dressed because she’s at like a Level 12 Temper Tantrum right about now, and covered in pee, and that situation WILL end in the bath, either way. But I’m hoping if I wait it out it will end peacefully .

3 thoughts on “Do Not Adjust Your Monitor

  1. those look like cute outfits… I noticed they matched right away 😉 next time tell Nicole that Olivia needs to change too and they can bath together! lol got to love the two/three/four year old tantrums! lol


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