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Crochet Bootcamp Part 3 : DC and HDC

I did two things in one video in a desperate and terribly lame attempt to pretend like I haven’t totally ignored this series for weeks. Shazam, look over there, is that a bunny? No? Oh. Jazz hands!


And a moment of suspense… will I say anything weird? Just kidding, that’s not suspenseful at all, we’d be more shocked if I didn’t. As a bonus, I have a sinus-cold-voice, just a little bit. Yes, definitely send me the classic home remedy for the common cold… cupcakes. Shhh shh shh shhhhhh…. don’t argue.

I call the ch1 and sc stitch both the chain one stitch in this video. Also, you should ch3 on the end of the dc and ch2 on the end of the hdc. This is why I blog and not vlog. It’s much easier to edit out my brainfarts. I don’t normally have to THINK so much when I crochet!

Aw, man. I should have done this a few days ago when I had pretty nailpolish. Wait, the weathered/distressed/vintage look is ‘in’, yes? Okay, I’m trendy.

So, what kinds of things can you make with your newfound knowledge?

This Swirly Twirly Scarf, for example! (free pattern/tutorial) … when the instructions say ‘skip one chain and two double crochet in each chain until the end’ what that means is skip the next space, then do a double crochet stitch in the next two spaces, and then skip the next, and then do a double crochet stitch in the next two spaces. To bind off, you just do a chain stitch at the end, and then snip your yarn and pull it through the chain-one space and pull tight. I’ll do a video of that next, it sounds kind of scary now that I’ve ended every video telling you to pull your yarn to undo.

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