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the problem with coffee

No, wait, don’t leave; there is one. My husband and I say this All. The. Time. And by all the time I mean, every time one of us forgets to:

a) add water

b) empty the carafe first (its a thermos-style one, and generally emptied the day before, but sometimes you get lucky and wind up with 12 cups of coffee in an 8 cup carafe)

c) turn on the coffeemachine

d) all of the above. This hasn’t happened in one sitting, to my knowledge. YET.


I decided to make a silly little printable out of it, just for fun and mostly because I am very busy procrastinating right now. You can click the picture above to access a .pdf to download or print, if you so desire. The pdf doesn’t have my website on it. I figure if anyone wants this, I’ll give it with both hands.

You might be better off with a sticky note detailing the steps for making coffee, though.

Just to be braggy for a moment, a friend of mine dropped off a bottle of homemade wine for me today. It was a buck-up-buttercup present re: my crappy monday. My friends are the best! And yes, I did have a big glass before spending far too much time creating a printable about making coffee, why do you ask??

5 thoughts on “the problem with coffee

  1. haha! this is most excellent! i am an avid coffee drinker myself… and i just hate having to get out of bed to make it.. i think it's just the best when it's brewing while i'm waking up. yumm. of course that doesn't happen nearly often enough… because i've forgotten to make it the night before. sigh.
    i do try to concentrate my hardest though when it comes to making coffee.. hee hee 🙂 also. i LOVE your printable. love love love it. i think i need to get me a copy. xo


  2. I totally pinned this on Pinterest yesterday (you were probably the original pinner I assume?). I was thinking I needed it for my kitchen and here it is, all ready to print and everything. Thanks 🙂


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