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Re-New Recieving Blanket – Sharp Crochet Hook


So Santa (aka the mailman) brought me a Sharp Crochet Hook for Christmas. Let me say, as soon as I saw the idea, I was smitten. I pinned it immediately, and then when Santa (aka Google Chrome) asked me what I wanted for Christmas, this inexpensive little hook was in the mail in no time flat.  To take it for a test run, I decided to take a cute but slightly worn receiving blanket from Olivia and add a sweet little pink cotton shell edging to give it life for the new baby. (Granted, I could have a boy. I plan on doing a boy one as well.)


Basically, the sharp crochet hook is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of a curved hook, the tip is sharp so you can poke it through fabric. I’ve wanted to play with edging with crochet for a while, but the idea of first doing a blanket stitch or punching holes with an awl bored me to tears. My ADD would have none of it. Now this, on the other hand, I can do. It took a bit of getting used to, for tension for example, but after a bit of playing this was my first project. The sharp crochet hook comes with a pattern booklet. Did I follow it? Hahaha, good one. The patterns are adorable, and I’m definitely going to try some of them. But for round one, I went with a continuous 8-shell.


If you’d like to make your own, here’s the pattern:

Receiving Blanket 8-shell Edging

You need:
-sharp crochet hook
-3.25 mm (USD3) regular crochet hook
-cotton yarn for size 3 hook

sc = single crochet
ch =chain
sl st = slip stitch
dc = double crochet
sk = skip stitch

Round one: sc with sharp crochet hook about 1/4” apart around the perimeter of a receiving blanket. Sl st into first sc to end.

Round two: with 3.25mm regular crochet hook, ch 3, do 7 dc in the sl st, sk 2, sc, sk 2, 8 dc in next st. Repeat  (sk 2, sc, sk 2, 8dc) around. End with a shell, sk 2, sc, sk 2 (or flub it a bit, skipping one or three, to make it fit) and then sl st into the ch3.


Feel free to ask if that is at all unclear and I’ll try fix it up for you, and if Santa happened to forget that you’re a hooker, at $10.99 with the book and $6.99 without, the Sharp Crochet Hook is barely a splurge so much as skipping a coffee or two.

(disclaimer – I was not paid for, asked for, or given free product for this. I – uh, I mean, Santa – bought it and loved it.)

7 thoughts on “Re-New Recieving Blanket – Sharp Crochet Hook

  1. Your blanket is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pattern.
    Is it necessary to overcast the edges of the flannel? I've never sewn flannel before, does it fray?


  2. It does fray, it's like a fluffy cotton. I would recommend finishing the edge (and rounding corners so the pattern can flow around it) but even pinking it or a zig zag stitch could do it as long as you don't push through too close to the edge.


  3. That blanket is just the cutest thing! I love the Sharp hook! I didn't finish the edges on the flannel blanket I crocheted an edging on, but I gave it as a gift . . . so hopefully it's not fraying like crazy in its new home :-/ I have some pink polka dot flannel just like yours that I bought to crochet an edging on but I haven't gotten around to it yet–you're making me really excited to get to work on it!


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