day to day

but we still love each other

If you follow my blog’s facebook page, then you know that this week has been this sort of week:

My kids have been varying degrees of sick since Saturday, and Chris started up a few days ago and now I’ve joined the famjam in the sore throat department. Both girls are on antibiotics now, and as far as I figure, what happened was that Nicole got a sinus+ear infection and then a sinus cold, and Olivia got a sinus cold and then a sinus+ear infection. I had figured both girls had a sinus cold from the get-go but when I took them in b/c I was strongly suspicious of infection in Olivia and thinking Nicole was starting to get there, it turned out Nicole was much further along. The doctor assured me she probably has a high pain tolerance, because I was stalking that kid with questions about how she felt and nothing was declared hurty until the night before.

Low moments of the week include that my kids hate each other when they’re sick. Well, really just Olivia kind of got a Man Cold or something b/c from day one she was draping herself all over me and only me, and if Nicole got too close she’d swat at her or wrap her arms around me and declare, “MINE!” Kind of hilarious except poor Nicole just wanted a family cuddle. Anyways, that got old fast for her and they were glaring each other down in no time.
Other low moments include Nicole having several fever spikes, the highest of which was 103.7F … poor Chris was manning the thermometer while I was running to Safeway and he was freaking out when I got home. It’s really scary watching that number go up… and up… and up! We were lucky though, a close friend of mine’s son had this same cold and he had a febrile seizure at a much lower temp and they wound up in the hospital, scary stuff. (And she went into labor what, 24 hours later? Nadine wins Exhausting Week Award, no contest.)

High moments include them starting to feel well enough to get along this morning and being quite sweet together. Olivia was feeling sucky yet and burrowed her face in my arm, and Nicole rubbed her back and said, “Oh, Olivia is such a sweetie baby; I sure picked a good sweetie baby.” “Oh, you picked her, did you?” “Yes, I told Papa. ‘I want this baby, Olivia.’”
Earlier in the morning Nicole brought me a hardware store flyer and showed me some drill set or something and wistfully told me, “I hope Papa can buy this.” “For who? And why?” “For himself, because it’s AWESOME!!!”
There were a few other sweet moments playing with Olivia’s blankie and stuffed bear, where they kept passing him back and forth and Olivia kept saying, “Thankyou.” That’s her new word, and she repeats it over and over while I change her poop diapers. And the way they have been lately, trust me, it is well deserved.

I’m quite used to my kids being little demons when they come out of a really sick spell, so I’m beyond pleased that they’re actually being quite sweet this morning. I’ll come back and re-read this post in about 7 hours when they have me pulling my hair out….

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