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Little Circles Skirt

So after seeing Dana at MADE’s post about the little bitty baby skirt, Nicole decided Olivia needed one. No problemo, her tutorial makes it so easy you can pound out a few in an afternoon. Or, if you decide to do one with two layers, just the one. I’m afraid it’s going to wind up on the short side, since I was working with some fat quarters, but I did what I could to add length by using some vintage lace trim I had in my box of embellishments.


I used some of the scraps to make this flower embellishment for the waistline, which will shabby up a bit in the wash.


The under layer is actually the wrong side of a fabric that matched just spectacularly. Since I wasn’t really keen on the right side, voila! Perfecto. This is also my first time using lace to hem something, and man, it could not have been easier. Especially for a circle skirt.


So now that I’ve proven that I actually do do things in my spare time, other than stare at my children and pick my toes, let’s have a story.

So, yesterday the girls were being very well behaved and Olivia had slept well the night before, so I was feeling quite benevolent and decided it would be fun to go out for a family dinner at a local family-friendly restaurant. It was, and it was fairly uneventful, except for some major drama while we were waiting for our meal. Chris and Nicole were playing X’s and O’s on spaces provided in the kids menu, and twice he started and won. She wasn’t excited, but no big deal. “She’s not great at this game,” he pointed out. The third time, she started and had two little O’s lined up down the center, and Chris cut her off with an X. 

She literally BURST into tears.

“Why would you X me, Papa?!” she wailed loudly. He tried to shush her, looking around with absolute mortification while I shoved my face in my hands and tried to stifle my laugher. I unsympathetically pointed out to him that he Does. Not. Always. Have. To. Win. I’d say letting your four year old win round three kind of goes without saying, but let’s just say Chris learned the hard way yesterday. He quickly drew up another chart and let her win.

“I feel better now,” she sniffled. “Let’s play again.” “No thanks,” he mumbled into his Pepsi, while Olivia tried to eat a yellow crayon.

Well, tonight he challenged her to rock-paper-scissors right before bed, which I didn’t even really realize she knew. Apparently she’s a champ and a con, a poor con but a con nonetheless, because she clearly waited until after he’d produced ‘paper’ to victoriously sign ‘scissors.’ He looked baffled while she cackled her ungracious-winner victory, and I cracked up.

“Looks like she’s pretty good at this game,” I pointed out.

One thought on “Little Circles Skirt

  1. Hahaha! And yes, it is a parent's job to let their kids win occasionally.

    Love the skirt, haven't checked out MADE in awhile. Her bib tutorial is my go to pattern for baby gifts 🙂

    Also, did you know you can buy patterns on ebay and they are freaking cheap!! Well, compared to the price at the fabric store anyway. This will probably not excite you the way it did me since it looks like you make stuff out of your head or online tutorials. But I need patterns. I almost died the other day when I thought to check ebay for a pattern I fell in love with at the fabric store. Even with shipping, it was half the cost. And it is a brand new pattern. This made me all sorts of happy 🙂


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