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Kids Clothes Week Challenge

So in case you don’t follow any of the bloggers participating….

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I have actually been sewing away almost every day at one thing or another, most of which is for my children, but today I actually have a finished product to display. Simple enough, a peasant top for Olivia in a very cool fabric. I’ll try get a picture of her actually wearing it tomorrow. After I finished it, washed it, and hung til it was dry, her and I were done with each other for the day. We had a falling-out over dinner. I’d tell you who won but I don’t want to embarrass myself anyone on the internet.


I had to put it all large in hopes that you can see some of the detail in this very cool fabric. And now I will tell you a sad, sad tale about said fabric. (see it modelled, if you can call it that, here)

See, I was quite delighted to find this fabric with a finished edge to it, all dappled grey and pretty and very light and airy. “This,” I thought to myself, “is perfect for making a summer maternity dress.” Whether I did a tank on top with a gathered skirt of this on the bottom, or shirred it on the top and just did a maxi dress, it was going to be perfect.

But no.

Because I did my mental math on how much fabric I would need to make a dress. BUT. And this is a big old BUTT, much like my own…….. I did that mental math based on when I use both sides of the selvedge on a piece of fashion fabric. Nooooo, sir. Wrong. I came home with two different fabrics intended for this type of purpose, and in both of them I have exactly half of what I need.

And the moral of the story is

When shopping for Kids Clothes Week Challenge

Shop for Kids Clothes Week Challenge.

The end.

(on the bright side, I have to go back for fabric for me next week. Because I. Am. So. Done. With. Maternity. Pants. Please tell me I’m not the only one out there who finds that they drag your underwear halfway down your bum. And then you have to pull up your underwear, and then you have to pull up the back of your pants, and then you have to pull up the front of your pants.  Repeat every five minutes for about eight hours. And then you just go and take off your pants, sit on your bed and scowl, and then put on some perfectly good yoga pants.)

3 thoughts on “Kids Clothes Week Challenge

  1. I second the maternity pants thing! I should video tape myself someday to see how many times I'm actually re-pulling mine up. Except then I'd have to video tape myself. Just pretend like you don't notice me doing it… Want to make me some maternity pants suspender things? I saw some that attach to your bra at one point that interest me…


  2. What a cute top! I'm sorry the maternity dress plan didn't work out, though – I hate it when I do really bad fabric store math, boo.

    I'm with you on the maternity pants. So. Annoying. (Excuse me while I hike mine up for the fifth time in the past five minutes.) And I hate the nasty synthetic belly bands they attach to most pants, too. So I'm generally sporting pants, with band pushed down, cotton Belly-Band type thing for sole purpose of holding pants up, etc.

    But it's almost summer! And I'm hot. So yeah, dresses and skirts, please!


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