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Peasant top and a quick brawl

In hindsight, I feel a little guilty submitting Olivia to GAP’s ‘model call’ contest. She’s terrible.


This side shot, which involved a lot of cropping, was probably one of the closest possible representatives to a ‘’modelled shot”


I got a lot of these ‘running away’ type shots. So we know there’s a back.


We even got some ‘detail shots’ *ahem* we’ll pretend that was deliberate.


This out of focus beauty is the only documentation of full frontal shirt-ity that I’ve got. And for your viewing pleasure, we have WWE, ON{thelaundry}LINE style.


Oooh, that’s a good chunk of hair Olivia’s got there. But it looks like Nicole has got a good defensive strategy, holding the hair closer to the root and just going along with the pull for a minute while Olivia drags her around!


Oh, now look at that turnaround. A quick shove to the ground and Olivia is dooooown!!!


Oh, but she’s back up and running again. But it looks like this battle may be over, this seems to be some sort of weird …chase-hug? We’re not quite sure.

No children were harmed in the making of this blog post. No tears were being shed, so I just kept snapping during the 30-second brawl. If you’re curious, the only person who’s inflicted any real damage between the two of them … is Olivia. When they briefly fight, if she’s losing she runs upstairs and bawls. But she’s been known to lose her temper and suddenly bite Nicole, and last Sunday Nicole sported a nice fancy bite mark on her upper cheek for most of the day before it faded. Brutal. But they still get along 95% of the time, and love each other to smithereens!

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