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Guys, I have a schoolchild! And also, I did manage to singlehandedly get her and her siblings to school, 15 minutes away, for 8:30. Actually, that’s a lie; it turned out to be 8:35 and 20 minutes, because I live in the depths of not one but THREE other schools (elementary, middle, and high) and the traffic that entails. It’s a cluster… um… it’s not pretty. And I may have sat three houses down from my house mom-swearing (“Come on, buddy! Even I’m less of a grandma-driver than that! GO! GOGOGO! Okay and now there’s traffic again, too late, we’re just going to sit here forever, thanks for that.”) at some guy who appeared to be quite nervous about making a left turn without a stop sign to hold his hand and tell him he’s pretty.

So okay, I completely forgot to snap a dropping-her-off-first-day picture. Which is too bad, because I made her a new tunic dress and this was going to be my chance to take a picture. My time to shine. Also because it was her first day of school and I wanted a picture of her to commemorate the last few moments of her as a pre-school-child. Parent fail.  I resolved to get one on the pickup. Even if it was just my cameraphone.

Then she wanted me to drop her off in the parking lot. Um, this is day one? You’re supposed to cling to my waist and beg me to stay when I tell you we’re leaving you in the classroom. Nope, I had to ask for my kiss goodbye. But I did get it, and enthusiastically.

And this is what greeted me when I went to pick her up:


Why yes, she is aiming a bit low. Please enjoy the bottom bit of the tunic, by the way. I made that. Me. She wasn’t running to me… she was running to Olivia, who she scooped up and spun around. “Olivia, I missed you!!” It was adorable. Everyone ate it up. And then she gave Jackson a bit smooch, and I was given the blessed privilege to drive her home. However, she filled my ears with excited chatter, telling me about her day. And also, when can she go back?

I’ve known for a while she was QUITE ready for school. She’d been bored and getting into quite a bit of mischief. I’m expecting roses and sparkles from her from here on in. She’s already willingly cleaning her room and making her bed daily again! It’s got to be ready at a moments notice for her to leave and go to SCHOOL!

I got a Salted Caramel Mocha to console me, before which I dropped my two littler ones off at my sister in laws for two hours and hit CanadianFabricStoreLand to take advantage of their big fat sale. Quilting solids and notions, I think yes. I may have picked up some sequin trim while I was there, in two different colors, thinking of my eldest child and her love of sparkles. And when I got home with the younger two and they were both napping, I may have caught myself staring at her bike thoughtfully. But I also cleaned the house, folded laundry, and plotted out some projects. Since I’d gotten so much done during the day, I even tripped and fell into the sewing room for a while late last night and cut out the pieces for a top for Olivia.

I think we may just make it through this. 

And just because I pretty much stayed on-topic the whole blog post and I’m not entirely sure I’m comfortable with that, here’s a quick cameraphone shot of my little fattie, who has woken up this past week, and even went down to only looking paranoid and stressed out about half the time.


One thought on “Schoolchild?!

  1. I cracked up at your post! Glad to know I am not the only one whose daughter could care less about mommy dropping her off on her first day of school. I actually had to find her to get a kiss.


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