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Jackson announcement

Jackson :
8 weeks old
A whopping 13.5 lb of breastfed goodness
Smiley and quite awake
Has an umbilical hernia (shouldn’t require surgery and doesn’t require much extra care, just caution and attention)
Is going through his fussy stage but I think I figured it out today… he wants to sit up and be present. He’s over the constant sleeping and he’s not super interested in toys, he would like to sit somewhere with a good view and supervise. Actually, the way he looks at toys, I think he’s suspicious of them, and I’m pretty sure his thoughts on the mobile are something the lines of ‘circling… always circling…’


Here’s a peek at my baby announcements. Just in case anyone hadn’t noticed yet that I wasn’t 10.5 months pregnant, we’re still planning to send out announcements. I found a sweet template here on etsy, and I’m probably going to do an actual opening card and send it out to less people to compensate for the extra cost. Actually, considering the stack of envelopes with names and not addresses or stamps that I tossed a few months ago containing Olivia’s birth announcements, possibly more people. Awkward.


I do have other children besides Jackson, I am aware. I dragged the three of them to a bootcamp yesterday morning, one that allows you to bring your kids. (google The Tyson Method) I was a bit late, and Olivia was a bit of a clingy burr because she is really shy around strangers. Nicole is more the “Hi my name is Nicole and these are my siblings names and this is my phone number and would you like mom’s SIN number?” kind of a deal. Don’t worry, she doesn’t actually know my SIN number, phew. It’s a new thing, having a shy kid. Benefits to both, I’d say. Anyways, I was feeling like a badass at bootcamp. Look at me doing jumping jacks! Squat squat squat! Oh yeah, feel the burn. Oh. Hey, that really burns. Ow. More? Do not want. My butt muscles are shaking. I’m secretly glad I keep having to stop and deal with Olivia. I hate this. Can I have a cookie now? And then my muscles were so done that I couldn’t even haul my stroller up the small flight of stairs to get back out. I was lucky to have help available.


I was dreading this morning, and oh, was it ever everything I thought it would be. And more. You know you got your butt whooped at bootcamp when you’re sitting on the toilet looking around sadly, wondering if the toilet paper roll dispenser would give out if you tried to use it to haul yourself up to avoid using your leg muscles. Wishing for a handicap bar. Wishing you could pee standing up. Anything but that dreadful moment of sitting down or getting up from the toilet. Whyyyyyyyyy????! sob.


I don’t want to be skinny, I just want to be fit. Actually, let’s try that again. I have realistic expectations and an intense love of cooking, baking, and eating, would love to be skinny but would have to step away from the cupcake first, and want to be fit. Rumour has it that the afterburn feeling discourages you from noshing but so far no luck. I did a bunch of baking for bible study (which I wasn’t able to attend, but I’m sure my baking paid good attention) and did no small amount of tasting, licking, sampling, cleaning off spatulas, and the like. I figure I’m actually working harder if I’m pushing up more weight in a push-up, so its all good, right? ….right?


all photos in this post (except the picture of Jackson compared to Chris’ hand in the baby announcement) are thanks to Amy Vanderveen Photography

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