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code purple


We have thrush. Jackson is taking it like a man. Read: very poorly. Think man-cold. He has man-thrush and he wants his mommy. Since we started treating him with genetian violet (Hence the Why So Serious? face above) he is back to sleeping through the night. He just politely requests that I hold him, touch him, squeeze him, love him 24/7 outside of that. I just wore him to the dentist, where Nicole had an emotional breakdown, no big deal but that’s a pretty good summary for my day, and then came home and held him. The end. What I was supposed to do today was get up early, toss in a load of laundry, have a nice cup of coffee while blogging and checking the facebooks and stuff. Then feed my lovely children, work out, come home, change the loads and do some tidying, dentist. Then come home, naps for the little ones, and then haul ass with laundry and packing things away because we’re starting the kitchen reno right now.

Actual day: wake up, feed Jackson, hold Jackson, feed Jackson, hold Jackson, make french toast while Nicole holds Jackson, feed Jackson, hold Jackson, dentist while holding Jackson, feed Jackson, hold Jackson, try put Jackson down, think about laundry, groan inwardly, apologize to Jackson for thinking he’d sleep independantly, hold Jackson, feed Jackson while writing this blog post. The above picture sort of represents the last few days except today I have dubious personal hygiene. I did brush my teeth, and fingercomb my hair when I applied the dry shampoo, and today I’m wearing normal (but maternity haha) jeans. But aren’t those teal jeans fun? That’s the day the thrush was really really hurting me – still hurts today but the Genetian Violet has really taken that down a notch – so my fun $15 teal stretch skinny jeans from Giant Tiger really cheered me up. Oh, and those are my new glasses, free from and boy howdy did they ship fast.

Now I’m going to go put Jackson back in the wrap and try get some of that cleaning and laundry done. Oy vey. I have a friend coming over in 15 minutes and she is about to get a very real glimpse of my house, which is okay because she’s one of my besties and this is not going to be her first very real glimpse, but possibly the worst because I smell like maybe my shirt sat in the washer overnight because I forgot to switch the loads, but I needed a clean shirt so I put it in the dryer and wore it anyways.

Dontcha wish your girlfriend was hot-like-me!

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