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Mission : Play With Your Food


Just a quick pop-by say-hi. I thought I’d share something I came up with to distract my adorable monster Olivia (who refers to herself as both Olivia AND Monster so you know its legit) yesterday. She is pretty obedient, but of the school of ‘mom didn’t specifically say Don’t Climb Up The Side Of The Six Story Building or at least not in the last ten minutes’ and treats creating chaos like it’s her job. Yesterday I had a moment of desperation brilliance and Mission: Distract Olivia aka Play With Your Food was born.

I quickly (and somewhat poorly) drew a house, car, and little playground for Olivia to play with Teddy Grahams on. This bought me a good 15-20 minutes, not counting the time spent adding a sandbox here and a pool there later to add more distraction. If you’re curious about the dots, I had started off with dots for her to place them and some candy gummies on, which was also successful but not half as time-buying as Teddy Graham Playground.

Good luck with distracting your own lovely little monsters, and let me know in the comments what you’ve come up with in moments of desperation brilliance!

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