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What’s up, bananapants?

I was going to write “What’s up, buttercup?” but I’m pretty sure I’ve already used that title. Bananapants sounds like it is potentially crude but it’s a phrase my 5 year old throws around and apparently it refers to pants made of bananas. Which is gross and you can’t sit down, so it’s an insult. I apologize, I blanked.

My kids have been various forms of sick, leading to not sleeping and weakened immunity and eye rubbing and ending in a double eye infection for Jackson. I think we’re coming out of the woods, though, and that’s really for the best as the laundry situation is slightly worse than usual actually probably about average if you take the last four years and combine them all out mathematically.

As to what I’m up to, I’m:

a) looking crazier than normal as I walk around my house vacuuming the air. We have a fruit fly situation and it’s the only thing that’s working. A pox upon you and your household, I say to whatever plant product those nasty things hopped a ride in on.

b) quilting. I was joking to myself I should make a tutorial on my unique quilting technique, Crazy Lines or as I like to call it, Just Do It. (Yes, I joke to myself. And write blog posts in my head. Substantially more frequently than on here, lately, actually.) It would start like this:

Step One – Have no idea what you’re doing. The fact that you’re reading a quilting tutorial written by someone who’s never quilted before in her life is a good start. Go with that and embrace it.

Let me know if I should start writing that up for y’all.

c) This one is something I haven’t actually done yet. Check out Cori-Lynn’s blog here for a good cause to support, and if you’re in the Hamilton, ON area (which I am not, to clarify. Still trying to get my doors unfrozen here in Winnipeg, MB.) a silent auction at which you can potentially get your hands on the opportunity to have a handmade dress for your little one by yours truly. And I mean, I have never sold my dresses before because I tend to be stingy with anything that takes me more than half an hour to make. So this is a rare opportunity.

d) On instagram, username lorchick. In there like a dirty shirt, kids. Share sometimes grainy pictures of my kids/baking/sewing/hair with crazy curlers in it? YES PLEASE. Sometimes even baskets of laundry. Oh, stoppit, I know. Reign it in, crazies.


Almost didn’t have a picture in there. Phew. Close one.

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