Silent Nights

Along with many other bloggers out there this weekend, I have nothing of value to say. The whole world is filled with mothers who are holding their children a little tighter and grieving for those in who cannot. My kindergartener has no idea what happened this past weekend in Sandy Hook Elementary, and I would not like to tell her. It may come up at school today, there are kids in her class with older siblings who probably know, and then we’ll have to talk about it. It makes me sad that we have to go from discussing how our Elf on the Shelf moves from place to place, and how it was Opa and not Santa at our Christmas party (because Santa is in the North Pole) to discussing death and evil and fear in the world. And it makes me sad that children who still believed in Santa, with Christmas lists and holiday plans, were the victims of choice for a sick sad man whose name I am trying to not remember because he doesn’t deserve a place in our memories for what he did.

But I have nothing of value to say. There is nothing valuable TO say, but “Come, Lord Jesus, Maranatha.” My heart aches for mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends, everyone who lost loved ones and every child who lost the innocent fearlessness of youth this weekend.

We’ve been under the weather again, and in the face of illness, the holidays, and just plain not feeling up to blogging about sewing and baking and my silly little lovelies in the face of tragedy, I’m going to sign off the blog until the New Year. So hold your families tight this Christmas, and have a blessed New Years.



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