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All you need is LOVE

Love hurts.


I went ahead and made the dress I had been jabbering on about making for Project Run and Play’s sew along. Or in my case, Project Run and Almost Play. I was literally one seam away from finishing it but had to throw in the towel in the name of cuddling my children. No regrets, except maybe for messing around trying to get my serger going before I actually started the sewing portion of this program. If I had foreseen the future and known my kids were going to get terribly ill and need excessive cuddling, I definitely would have just given the thing a dirty look and went straight to the zig-zag seam finishes I wound up using anyways.


Aside from just the LOVE applique, there was more love put into this dress. The giant pockets are straight up love for Olivia, who loves to shove things in pockets so much she has taken up to shoving things in MY pockets if she doesn’t have any on her own person.


The fully lined bodice, made using this tutorial, was another labour of love. I haven’t done a fully lined bodice on a dress before, but the embroidered applique called for it, so it would be more comfortable inside. The back was a little surprise love, since I had initially planned to add buttons and then it fell nearly this way when she was trying it on a second time. I tilted my head, adjusted it, and decided I quite love it like this. I can always go back and add buttons and buttonholes if I tire of it.


The fabric, aside from the white cotton lining, was some love from their Nana, who saw this striped and dotted sheet and just knew I could make something for my girls with it. The elastic in the pocket should tighten up in the wash so it doesn’t hang quite so much. I also still have markings on the bodice. Apparently it was too much effort to wash and re-press the dress, just as it was too much effort to wash and repress my hooligan child.


I like to pick my battles. (A lot of which can be seen on instagram, where you can find me under the username lorchick. Disclaimer/Warning: may contain poop, butter eating, sewing, and excessive amounts of chubby baby)

And one last bit of love? Olivia loves it. Win all around, in my books.

If anyone is interested in a tutorial for this pocket dress, let me know. Partway through I realized I might be on to something that other people might be interested in, so I took some notes.


13 thoughts on “All you need is LOVE

  1. I totally want a tutorial! LOVE the pockets! I have the perfect piece of fabric that Dor gave me that wanted to turn into some sort of clothing and didn't know what. I'm still relying heavily on tutorials for my creations… every one gets a little better! 🙂


  2. Adorable! When I saw the first picture, I thought “Hey, that looks like the same material I used to make my girls skirts last summer.” I also found the same sheet at a thrift store and couldn't pass up making skirts for my girls. My husband thought I was nuts, but they got a lot of compliments while wearing them. Now I can show hubby your beautiful dress and prove I'm not nuts 🙂


  3. Found you from Sew-Vivor audition, and I'm so excited about this. I've just begun sewing and i fully intend to mimic this dress. So. Cute. Cheering for you from NM!


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