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Bread Machine Whole Wheat, Flax, & Honey Bread


So, I’ve been eating as ‘clean’ as possible for the last few months, which means experimenting a lot in my kitchen. After playing around with a few different bread machine doughs, and then getting comfortable enough to adapt and adjust and create my own, I present to you my our new family loaf. This is a sweet and soft sandwich bread that throws your preconceived notions of whole wheat & flax bread right out on their bottoms. With magical ingredients such as coconut oil (easily subbed for butter or even olive oil) flax, and whole wheat to make it healthy, and lacking in both preservatives and excessive effort, this is our new go-to bread.



9oz warm water
2Tbsp coconut oil (or butter, or olive oil)
1/4 cup honey
2 cups whole wheat flour
1 cup white flour
1/4 cup ground flax (I like to use ground toasted flax)
1 tsp salt
1 1/2 tsp yeast

Put all of the ingredients in the bread machine in the order listed, making a small well in the flour to put the yeast into. Turn your bread machine onto its dough setting and turn it on.

When dough is ready, tuck it neatly into a greased loaf pan, or I like to use my Wilton’s large silicone loaf pan. Let it rise, covered, in a warm place for another half hour… if you don’t have time, then just let it rise while your oven preheats to 350. Put an (oven safe) dish of water on your bottom rack, and bake for 30-35 minutes. Let it cool for at least 5 minutes in the pan, then cool completely on your cutting board before bagging it for later – or eat it all right away. Either way it’s fantastic.


I should warn you that Olivia can mow through half a loaf by herself if it’s warm and she’s got the hungries. We won’t even speak of what the bigger peoples can do with this stuff. I like it with crunchy natural PB, Chris likes it with ham, cheese, and honey mustard. This is also fantastic as a raisin or cranberry bread (just knead them in when the dough is done.) So, what are you waiting for… dust off that bread machine and start dumping!

5 thoughts on “Bread Machine Whole Wheat, Flax, & Honey Bread

  1. I hope that a true comment without any inappropriate content is not a disappointment. ( ;

    Where do you purchase your flax and do you buy it ground and toasted or do that yourself? Would Whole Foods or Trader Joe's have it?

    Can't wait to try this recipe!

    Jennifer (aka MomPsyD)


    1. I purchase my flax at Costco, I buy it ground and toasted but you could grind and/or toast it yourself, toasted gives a nuttier flavour. I have no idea as to Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s as I don’t have those stores locally!

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  2. This recipe is amazing! Been making it for a couple of weeks now and it is definitely my “it” recipe now. I do add the salt in with the liquids at the bottom of the pan, which is producing a higher loaf. I've also added 2 tsp of cinnamon and 2/3 cup of raisins for a delicious loaf of raisin bread!

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  3. This was so soft and so delicious! Will put this in my bread file to continue to make. I am wondering why you couldn't bake it in your bread machine tho? Any ideas?



    1. The reason I don’t bake it in the bread machine is this way provides a moist and nicely-shaped loaf. You could likely bake it in your bread machine with good results, this method is slightly less convenient but I really like the results!


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