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Go Anywhere, Bow Anywhere


I recently got the opportunity to try out the Anywhere Dress (affiliate link) pattern. I was pretty excited, because this sweet little pattern is simple and perfect for a playdress, and the customization options are endless. Blank canvas. Love that.


This was absolutely perfect for Nicole, because she has A Problem. It’s not a new problem, for her or for my own self. We’ll sum it up politely by saying that in regular jeans/pants with a tshirt, she has wardrobe malfunction of the plumber-esque variety on the regular. It’s a problem that plagued me as a child, and I learned to dress for it and/or how to carefully avoid it as an adult. For her, though, the perfect and most comfortable solution is leggings with a tunic or dress.


I chose to make this Anywhere Dress with the elbow length sleeve with cuff variation, so that in the event that we ever experience this seasonal anomaly reportedly called ‘spring’ she will be prepared to go forth without layering up. Also, I just think this length is really cute. The fabric I used is from Girl Charlee fabrics – not an affiliate, this was my first time purchasing from them and I was very happy with everything I got. Also I silently applauded the shrewdness of the included sample swatches, as I was crushing on a new fabric before I even got the ones I had purchased out of the box.


Since I can’t ever just leave well enough alone, and I had some nicely sized scraps, I decided to embellish the dress and eventually settled on this oversized bow over the shoulder. I just hand stitched it in several places. Where the bow goes over her shoulder, its tacked down along the shoulder seam but the edge of the bow flies free. My husband suggested that if I do it again, I’d be better off doing it with solid fabric or a contrast bow, since it doesn’t really stand out. Ah, well.


Overall, the fit on the Anywhere Dress was just fantastic, spot on. Nicole felt comfy and loved it, the skirt is wide enough to allow for freedom of movement but not so wide as to be an issue with the shorter hem. Personally on my leggy miss I would definitely go with a longer length if I wasn’t using leggings, but I mean… we always use leggings. It’s a non-issue. There are easy instructions on how to lengthen the dress if desired, though. And as you can see above, she felt really cool in her new dress.


Or maybe just cold? Ha! What a great sport she was. I hemmed it this morning between dropping her off for ballet and picking her up, and she changed into it and we took pictures at this handy backdrop (?!) before heading out to buy fabric for the pattern I’m testing this weekend. Don’t worry, the snow isn’t literally quite this deep here, but there are giant piles like this at every parking lot! Oh well, the sun is shining and it’s warming up so we’re staying positive and buying stock in windshield wiper fluid.


5 thoughts on “Go Anywhere, Bow Anywhere

  1. Wow! What an awesome little dress! Looks preppy/casual and Nicole is a natural model! To be honest, I love the bow as is. It is true that it doesn't stand out, but if it did, would the contrasting colour perhaps be a bit too much? Somehow I don't think it would be an improvement.I love it just the way it is. Aunty Co


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