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Bubble Shorts

I had the pleasure of pattern testing for Heidi of Elegance and Elephants, and I did the bubble shorts from her Bubble Pocket Shorts Pattern. I don’t want to give it away all in one go, but spoiler alert: I’m gaga for this pattern. (sorry if you’re getting this in a feed reader again, updating the link to the now-released pattern!)
I know it looks really intimidating, but the instructions really hold your hand and tell you you’re pretty, walking you through each step with clear photographs to go with the explanations. I think this looks very top-of-the-line kids-designer-clothes. I worked mine up in a stretch poplin for light, breezy shorts. As you can see, it is absolutely scorching here. Wait, what? Oh. Believe it or not, our weather goes just as high into the positives (Celsius) as it does the negatives… eventually… hopefully?
Olivia is her own stylist. I had planned on her wearing a tweedy newsboy cap, but she tossed it aside and stuffed her big sister’s big fluffy toque on her head instead. A real Canadian gal. I wound up having to wrestle her into a jacket and stuff some babylegs on her afterwards so she could keep playing when the (fastest photoshoot in the history of ever and then hope there were some useable shots) was over.
And as you might recall from my All You Need Is LOVE dress post, Olivia is all about the pockets lately, so these bubble pockets are right up her alley. I think I will make a pair for Nicole as well (they go from 6m-8yr!) and see if they’re as cute on her as they are on Nicole. I mean, Nicole did walk into the craft room, take one look at them, and demand a pair. I live to serve, right?
Here’s an instagram photo of the inside of the shorts waistband. Not the greatest photo, but I just love the neat and tidy contrast waistband on the shorts. It is just the sweetest and most professional looking finish! I think I need to step up my game a little for waistband finishes from now on, because I am just super in love. I used this cute little elephant print as a wink and a nod to the fact that it’s an Elegance & Elephants pattern.
So, in summary, five stars to this pattern, go forth and make shorts, and hopefully enjoy them in warmer weather than Olivia did. Check out the other testers’ shorts – and weather – here!
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I’m not affiliated with Elegance and Elephants and was merely asked to test-sew this pattern and photograph the results. This blog post is not in any way a sponsored post.

4 thoughts on “Bubble Shorts

  1. Love your shorts and that you took pictures out in the snow! As a fellow Canadian, I'm also waiting for the snow to melt and the weather to warm up. Until then I'm going to try layering E&E's adorable shorts with tights because I can't wait for my girls to start wearing them!


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