Friday Favs Ikea Edition

I just happened to be browsing ikea, as I often do when thinking of ways to best utilize our small space. Chris and I live in a home that’s just under 1000 square feet (plus a basement) with our three kids, two dogs, and copious amounts of fish, so I’m constantly playing furniture Tetris and the like. I was loving a lot of things, but of course I can’t have everything (especially not in our house) so I figured I’d make a post out of it! The pictures are links to the items at the Canadian store, I’m sure you can transfer over easily, and I get no compensation or fistbumps from Ikea for this post but if they would like to give me either, I’ll be right there.

TÅSTRUP Rug, low pile IKEA The thick pile dampens sound and provides a soft surface to walk on.

This is something we actually do have already. I just LOVE this rug, and whenever I post a picture that was taken in my girls’ room onto Instagram I get one or two comments about it. Ikea! And at least in Canada, it costs only $60. Super cute. I have had to carpet clean mine already, but Jackson drooled chalk all over it on day 2 so yeah. I think it’s adorable in a little girls’ room, and it would be great in a sewing/craft room or even perfect if you wanted to go for a Lalaloopsy theme! My girls love to play with the miniatures, but they’re not into them enough for me to bother with that.

ÖVRE Bed with slatted base and canopy IKEA

HOW CUTE IS THIS BED? I know, really it’s just a plain white bed but THAT CANOPY THOUGH! This is a new item and if we get around to separating the girls again any time soon (there is talk about making Nicole a bedroom downstairs) you can bet your butt this will be Olivia’s bed. I even showed Chris the bed we don’t need for the room we don’t have and he agrees, perfect for her.

EKORRE Toddle truck IKEA When walking by themself, a child develops motor skills and balance.

Jackson has this little toddle truck and he adores it. In fact, he dragged the pieces around pathetically while looking tragic when Olivia smashed it to smithereens. This one needs to be glued when you put it together if you have older kids around, but even if you do so, it really isn’t meant for bigger kids to sit in and use it as a cart. Chris is hoping to reassemble it for our broken-hearted boy… for the $30, if he can’t I may just grab another next time I’m instore and be fiercer on the no-touching-if-your-name-isn’t-Jackson rule. The look on the above baby’s face? Pretty darn accurate.

LÄTT Children's table and 2 chairs IKEA

Considering the toddle truck situation, you may be surprised to learn that this little $25 table set withstands my kids just great. It is way sturdier than I expected it to be. Jackson drags those little chairs all over the house, often using them to climb onto the big chairs, so he can climb onto the table, so he can climb into his highchair and yell for food. My kids do crafts at it, eat at it when we have a full house, and hover at it with Little Peoples sets or building blocks. If I had the room for it I’d probably have more than one of these sets around the house, they’re so affordable yet sturdy. They aren’t beautiful, but they’re basic and they match the easel, which we also have.

VITSIG Children's hat IKEA Encourages role play.


How adorable are these children’s hats?! How sweet! There were little fairy wings too, but I’ve seen those everywhere. These are too cute and definitely cheaper than what I could make at home, I think if my local Ikea has them they might sneak into the cart next time I’m there.

Okay, so this wound up being mostly children’s things. I also love their kitchen stuff and organization solutions, but they don’t have half the ‘aw cute!’ factor of these items!

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