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a nickel for my thoughts

You know, since the penny is obsolete here now? Although I guess realistically one would round down and I’d be giving it away for free. Considering how few rational thoughts I’ve been having this week you would think that would increase the value a bit, no?

I have some really fun stuff in the works and/or finished and ready to share, but I’m elbows deep in preparation for a craft sale this Saturday, and if it goes truly abysmally then I may need a few days to recover emotionally. Outside of that, I’ll be listing a bunch of stuff in my shop right after. But I digress; I’m busy in a tizzy sewing away in my own personal sweatshop. Since it happens to be full of cute prints I’m not exactly suffering, although someday my autopsy will read something about copious amounts of various fibres that seem to permeate every bit of my being. That’s right, I’ve been snorting faux furs and flannel dust again. Intervention may be pointless.

Meanwhile, feel free to peek at my Instagram feed for a sneak peek. And if the code worked right, below is embedded a picture that includes two reversible bibs. I made a pattern for the two-tone one and if I can’t find a pattern or tutorial that already covers it, I’ll share that pattern and tutorial soon.


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