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Gifts for my Sewmies

Where my sewmies at? Hollaaaaa!

Okay yes, I can’t really pull that off, but I like to breeze merrily past Pulls Things Off and go straight for Clearly Beyond Help. But that aside, today’s round up is gifts for those who like to sew. We’ll go ahead and just call this my wish list, if you like, although if you’re really looking to get me gifts I should ask for Kobo gift cards because my hubby got me Kobo e reader as our one real black friday purchase even though he thinks ereaders are stupid and so he got me one that also functions as a tablet and I am stubbornly using it as just an ereader because we are both just goats in love. Did I mention I sent him the email I got that they were $50 off and he said no, e readers are stupid, use my tablet, and I may have said his tablet was stupid. Then he came home with the e reader and I was both sheepish and gleeful. And I won’t tell you the reading hours I logged this past week while sick because they are insane.

So anyways, clearly I’m not getting anything else for Christmas so this list is for all my sewmies out there. 

We’ll actually start back at the e reader thing. I do totally recommend an e reader or tablet if you have a sewing or knitting person who is most beloved to your heart, because it’s a great place to put instructions for all those pdf sewing and knitting patterns, which is 50% of the reason I was keen on one. I like the Kobo for black and white and the Kobo Arc, which is what I have, for colour. It’s more of a tablet and its an android, which I normally like to screech at like a Macaw, but for some reason I’m having very little trouble with it. (Possibly related to barely venturing out of the Library section.)


And speaking of pdf patterns, one of my favourite pattern sites is (affiliate link) Go To Patterns. Right now you can use the code DECEMBER10 for 10% off your purchase, or DECEMBER15 for 15%. Now, if you sew yourself, then you know that nobody, NOBODY will appreciate the time and effort that you put into a sewn gift than one of your sewmies. So first of all, you can buy patterns and make some gifts. For example, the Commuter Cowl pattern (pictured above, and is anyone else thinking they need to knock off that tshirt sleeve??) is less than $4 even before any discount code, and would make a great gift for anyone (and bonus gift to yourself, keeping the pattern.) However on the less time-spendy side of things, you can get a gift card for your sewmie in the Sale section. (And if I’m your sewmie then yes, please.)


Or if your sewmie is more into the books (and who isn’t, my real touchable book collection is almost exclusively sewing books) a really intriguing looking book that is both the learning and the fun sewing time that I would love to get my own hands on is Sew Retro. I’ll link to it on amazon (affiliate) for both the Canadian and American sites, because I feel your feels when you have to find something yourself because you get the wrong link.

Now this one is for the boys who want to be men. Listen up, fellas. If you know a sewmie and you’d like to woo your way into her heart, or perhaps you’re married to one of my sewmies and you’d really like to lower her presser foot, so to speak, then get your girl some Gingher dressmaker shears. If you’re a man then you may understand why if I explain that those orange-handled scissors she threatens to stab you with if you use them on paper, they are a nice little Sunfire. But the Gingher shears, they, my friend, are a Porsche. Yes, you feel me. Here you go, stud, follow the link to or (and for the record my goodness does my local fabric store charge A LOT MORE than the amazon sites for these things, so you’re welcome) and get ready to have your muscles felt up a whole lot. And don’t worry, Gingher cares for her too, and will sharpen her scissors for her for a small fee when they’ve been used and abused. Her love for them, and you, will go on.


Coming back around to sewing patterns and things you can buy me your sewmie, meet the Esme Pattern from Sew Liberated. This looks so cute, and so flattering, and I just love it so much. It’s a bit of a splurge, which is exactly why it’s a fantastic gift idea, and the paper pattern comes with instructions and a code to unlock a full video tutorial, how fantastic is that? I for one could see myself making this in a few different fabrics and sleeve variations.


And lastly, here’s an absolutely charming little necklace I found on etsy that would be sure to delight any sewmie who found it in her stocking. I’m not always a fan of gold tone charms but it is just perfect paired with the vintage sewing machine, and totally reminds me of my own vintage Singer!

Sew, there’s a few gift ideas for your favourite sewmie. I’ve marked the ones that are affiliate links, and I truly adore every one of them. (I actually have the commuter cowl pattern, but haven’t made it yet and may just have to bust into it for Christmas gifts.) And thus concludes today’s edition of the somewhat-spotty-attendance Friday Favourites!

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