Ash / HeiHei

This past August we once again were delighted with the arrival of a new baby llama, born to Kuzco and MamaLlama. MamaLlama was quite cranky in the weeks leading up to the delivery, and we strongly suspected that something was afoot. She spat at us for coming anywhere near her, behaviour she generally exhibited only with a new baby around. Funnily enough, once Ash was born she more or less stopped being so overprotective.

Since we named last year’s baby Jasmine and had to change his name to Jazz later on when certain aspects of his physique descended, this time we opted for the gender neutral name, Ash. This was partly due to her colouring, and partly revolved around the ability to change it to Ashley or Asher if we felt the need to lengthen it later. In the end we are positive she is a girl this time, which is fantastic. That said, any and all work I put into coming with a good name was completely foiled by the fact that her eyes are ever so slightly buggy and give the slight impression that she may be looking in more than one direction. Chris started calling her HeiHei, like the chicken from Moana, and I’m afraid the name might stick.

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