Hi, my name is Laura.

I am wildly outnumbered by children and animals. I’m a Christian, wife, and mother. I live in southern Manitoba, somewhere south of Winnipeg and north of Ile des Chenes. When I can eke out the time, I love to sew, draw, take pictures, and otherwise practice creative endeavours. When I can’t, I’m often cooking or folding copious amounts of laundry. I try and find time to be creative every day and when things are quiet here, I’m using using Instagram @lgvonline as a microblog.
I haven’t blogged very much in the past few years, but have recently put some thought into blogging more frequently. I’m aiming for something a bit different this round.
There will be Christianity… it’s the center of my life, so if it doesn’t spill out all over the place then I’m doing something wrong. There will be some pondering on motherhood… I’ve been in the depths of it for over twelve years and five babies now, and while I can hardly fathom that some days, there is no escaping the fact that if you need someone to outmaneuver a feisty toddler or calm a fussy baby I’ve got some street cred. There will be some anecdotes… anecdote is pretty much my middle name, if people actually used words like anecdote in real life. When you have five spunky kids, three dogs, three cats, three llamas, occassional cattle, rabbits, and chickens, plus a really enthusiastic-about-life type of husband, there are bound to be a lot of anecdotes available. And there will be some crafting, home decor, and DIY stuff, because we do that kind of thing with vim and vigor around here and sometimes it’s nice to take a picture before the kids break it.

This picture is an illustration because I felt it would be easier to draw our family than wrangle them into submission for a family photo.