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2013 DIY Roundup Video

I briefly considered rounding up my projects from 2013 into a regular blog post. The thing is, many of my favourite projects are yet unblogged, as awful as that is, because I never got or made an opportunity to take photos I felt justified them. Instead I opted to create a quick round up video… Continue reading 2013 DIY Roundup Video

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Intro to Crochet Bootcamp video series

First of all, I bet you $5 that I say ‘blathering idiot’ more times in this video than you have all week. Don’t forget, I do accept paypal. <img src="; style="border-style: none" galleryimg="no" onload="var downlevelDiv = document.getElementById('add7c436-c1b2-452b-afa1-9bb8f0a966e4'); downlevelDiv.innerHTML = ";;” alt=””> Note: I now have a cutesy name. And button. Tadaa! If you’d like… Continue reading Intro to Crochet Bootcamp video series