Free Printables and Downloads

Here is a collection of freebies and downloads for your personal use. Please give credit to @lgvonline @illustratelor or if you use any of these online, and please distribute the free cards and printables freely and with abandon in person.

The free cards and prints in particular I have designed with the intent to uplift and encourage others. I do intend to have prints and cards for sale at some point as well, but my first goal is to create a small collection for others to use freely. In particular, I thought it would be lovely to create a free resource to turn to when you wish to quickly put together a gift to uplift someone. A grocery store bouquet, small potted plant, or a gift from your oven with a small note of encouragement out of the blue can be just the thing to brighten someone’s day or week. The idea of making that easier to do on a whim brightens my day; please do let me know if you use them if you’d like to make two people smile in one go.


Colouring Pages

Art and Photo Prints