Hey Buddy, Wanna Buy A Kidney?

Okay, for serious? I found two, yes TWO, dress forms for $125 and $130 respectively on buy and sell sites local to me. Both of them are NEVER USED and about a year old, from two separate people. One is size 16-22 and one is 8-16. BUT IT IS CHRISTMAS. And we’re in the middle of reno’s. And my DH just got ahold of a Wii for me after we’ve been calling around every day for two weeks and bought it, with the goal of getting me a Wii Fit as well. (my mom lost 20 pounds doing that every morning. I wouldn’t joke about the fact that my mom is thinner than me now.)
Here’s the dillema: 1) do i convince myself that i have good reason to convince my DH that it’s something I need? 2) Which one do I get? I am the size 16 (shame) so either one works. The goal being to get thinner, I should go for the smaller one. BUT IF I GET FATTER I AM SOL. But if I get the bigger one and I get thinner I’m still SOL, and I really shouldn’t give myself the mental okay to not get thinner so my dress form still works *lol*

Man, I wish I could get both. Even one would be awesome, but still. So I was wondering if anyone wants to buy a kidney or something? lol. I suggested to DH that I could trade or sell my Cricut b/c I barely use the thing but he freaked out. He considers that the Rolls Royce of Gift He Has Gotten me, as it is one of the few things that have had no benefit to him whatsoever, and as a crafting ‘power tool’ he thinks it’s the bomb diggity. But honestly? I use it rarely. I’m more into sewing than scrapping lately… But yeah, that’s something I’ll probably regret if i ditch it. *sigh* And I don’t really have any other assets that I can liquidate to feel like I am trading over to something else instead of just selfishly spending…. ) :

I may just have to let these incredible deals slide on by… *siiiiigh* At least until the drywall is up in the basement… and the new hot water tank has been purchased. Dangit @ responsibilities. lol.

5 thoughts on “Hey Buddy, Wanna Buy A Kidney?

  1. Heh, (old fashioned me) Do you really need it? and how often will you wear it after christmas! Think of the money you save by not buying it! You can get lots of material to make longer lasting things!! ( or is material expensive in canada?)


  2. Hi Auntie Jeanette!A dress form is actually a mannequin! And an adjustable dress form can adjust at the bust, waist, hips, and more, so you can use it to drape out clothing designs for yourself and lots of other people as well. It would be an awesome tool, and one I would just LOVE to have… unfortunatly, it was not meant to be, as our truck battery just died and cost exactly the same amount as the dress forms i found. *lol*


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